Clear PET Screen Protector Film

Product Features: 1).No rainbow marks, no glue marks and no fuzziness. 2). 3 layers super clear and durable anti-scratch film to protects sensitive touch screen against scratches and keep it clean. You then apply the second layer on your LCD screen. 3). Glass-like clarity, made from PET film....
Product Details

Product Features:

Never leave any air bubbles

Easy installation and removal

Made of PET that is very light and impact resistant.

Strong glue , easily and attach the film firmly so as to leave the touchscreen's sensitivity.

Strong Hardness, even sharp objects like knives and keys do not scratch the protector.

High Transparent,Anti-fingerprint, Anti-oil, Water-proof ; Anti-broken; Best Touching

Product Picture:


1.Which Thickness is the Best?

Each thickness has it's own performance, 0.26mm has the best flexibility,The Others have better hardness.

2.What's the universal Lead-Time for order delivery?

1)1-2 Working days for small order.

2)3-10 Working days for mass production

3)3-7 Working days for OEM sample time .

3.Can I get sample first to check quality?

Yes, samples will be sent within 1-3 working days after you paid the shipping cost&sample fee.

4.What's difference between normal PET screen and Tempered Glass Screen Protector?

1)Base Material is different.

One is Pet, the other is Tempered Glass.

2)The Manufacturer Membrane Processes is different.

PET Film:Imported Material in rolls-film laminating-cutting-labeling-finished product.

Tempered Glass:Cutting Glass-Measuring Thickness-CNC-Flat Grinding(2.5D)-Electroplating-QC-Ultrasonic Cleaning-Tempereding-Oprical Clear Adhesive-Packing-Packing List.

3)Basic Function is different.

PET Film:Anti-Scratch,3H Hardness,Light transmission rate of 90%

Tempered Glass Film:8-9H Hardness,Oleophobic coating and water-repellent,good anti-fingerprint effect,excellent auto exhaust performance,light transmission rate for 95%.

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