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What Else Can 3D Printing Do? Turn Your Voice Into A Ring!

When Talk about 3D printing, many people think of modeling applications firstly, but in fact it can add a lot of fun to our lives. Encode Ring is a company that was founded last month and their idea is how to apply 3D printing to jewelry design. Unexpectedly, the company turned its brains wide and thought of converting 3 seconds of sound (sound wave) information into a solid ring. Interested users can record 3 seconds of audio on the Encode Ring website or upload a pre-recorded sound file.

3d printing pen online india.jpg

After uploading, you can choose the size of the ring and the metal material, and the rest of the work is given to the Encode Ring.

Depending on the material, (stainless steel, gold-plated, silver, 18K gold, platinum, etc.), the price ranges from $120 (stainless steel / about 813 yuan RMB) to $1,240 (platinum / about 8403 yuan).