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The Biggest And Most Expensive IPhone In History! The Netizens Made A Big Spit... But We Don’t Know If Apple Has Quietly Completed A New Business!


   Apple holds a new product launch, three new mobile phones are available

  Previously rumors "This may be the most launch of Apple's new product launch," but unexpectedly, Apple did not release a new generation of iPad Pro and MacBook as rumors.

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However, the 2018 Apple New Product Launch with the slogan "The bigger screen has just begun" has not been disappointing in terms of "maximum" - not only the iPhone XS Max has the largest 6.5-inch display of the iPhone so far, the display of the Apple Watch Series 4 The screen is also about one-third more than the previous product.

Perhaps because the three new mobile phone models all have the iPhone X gene, Apple CEO Tim Cook gave a high degree of recognition for the sales and consumer satisfaction of the iPhone X that was launched last year.

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  The new 5.8-inch iPhone XS, 6.5-inch iPhone XS Max and 6.1-inch iPhone XR are all equipped with Apple's latest A12 biochip.

  Apple marketing executive Phil Schiller said: This smartphone chip can operate at a speed of 5 trillion times per second, which will bring a faster and smoother all-round experience.

  For the Chinese market, Apple's iPhone XS and iPhoneXS Max phones use a special card holder that can support two SIM cards at the same time for dual card dual standby.


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American technology commentator Bob O'Donnell: Apple has never done dual card dual standby before, now they have added dual card dual standby function on their largest mobile phone, which will be Chinese consumers. welcome.

  In terms of selling price, the iPhone has once again set a new record for "expensive". The iPhone XS Max is priced at $1,099, and the highest version of the National Bank version is priced at 12,799 yuan. The iPhone XS starts at $999 and offers up to 512GB of storage capacity with the iPhone XS Max. The iPhone XR starts at $749 and is relatively low in price. It has more colors, and Apple says it will allow more people to own the iPhone.

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Apple sent a letter to US trade officials on the 7th that the tariffs to be imposed by the United States will affect the prices of many Apple products.

PET Screen protector factory.jpgOn the 8th local time, US President Trump issued a message on social media Twitter that if Apple wants to avoid taxation of imported products, it should produce products in the United States, and Apple declined to comment.

Some analysts said that if Apple moves its production business back to the United States, it can escape the switch of tax, but its products will not become cheaper. A 2014 research report said that the cost of producing an Apple mobile phone component in the United States is about $600, almost three times the production price in other countries, and the high cost will push the price of Apple's mobile phone to $2,000.


Apple acquires two movie copyrights and begins to enter the film industry

      Although three new products were introduced at one time, many analysts believe that the new iPhone's hardware facilities lacked breakthroughs, and Apple's share price also fell. This did not affect Apple's determination to expand the map.

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According to foreign media reports, Apple's video department will purchase the global distribution rights of the two films. This means that this huge technology company has also begun to enter the film industry.

According to reports, at present, Apple has completed the copyright of the animated film "Wolfwalker" made by Oscar-nominated studio "Cartoon Salon". In June of this year, Bloomberg reported for the first time Apple's agreement to acquire the animated film. On Monday, local time, director Tom Moore confirmed the deal on social media.

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In addition, during the 2018 Toronto International Film Festival in Canada, Apple also received the global distribution rights to the documentary "The Queen of Elephants." The analysis pointed out that these agreements give people a glimpse of Apple's strategy to enter Hollywood. Although Apple has been actively authorizing TV content, it has been slower in the process of entering the film industry.

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It's unclear whether these films will be available in theaters, but the collaboration with the studio "Cartoon Salon" suggests that Apple is looking for a film that competes for the Oscars. A person familiar with the matter revealed last year that Apple’s video department had a budget of at least $1 billion a year.