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Is The Collapsible Mobile Phone That Huawei And Samsung Love, Really As Practical?

With the continuous development of manufacturing technology, the form of mobile phones is gradually changing. The lifting modules of vivo NEX and OPPO Find X are the best examples. After the lifting module, the foldable mobile phone will also become the next target of mobile phone manufacturers. I believe that everyone is no stranger to foldable mobile phones. As early as last year, ZTE launched the first foldable mobile phone AXON M. The phone uses a dual-screen solution that uses hinges to connect the two screens, making it the easiest way to implement a foldable phone solution.

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In addition to ZTE, Lenovo, Huawei and Samsung all expressed strong interest in foldable mobile phones, and Samsung was exposed to launch a foldable mobile phone in 2019. POPPUR learned that Samsung's Winner foldable phone prototype is equipped with a total of three OLED display screens, each screen is about 3.5 inches, after the expansion can form a 7.0-inch screen. In addition, the back of the phone has a 3.5-inch screen. In this way, the mobile phone can be used normally even when it is folded and closed. Interestingly, this phone is also rarely equipped with a camera shutter button to improve the phone shooting experience. Everyone needs to know that only Sony phones will keep this button on the market. Samsung’s move seems to be the decision to attract more users.

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Speaking of foldable mobile phones, the first thing we think of is a dual-use machine, which can be used both as a mobile phone and as a tablet computer. The imagination is very beautiful, but the reality is very skinny. The foldable phone may not be as practical as we think. The hinged design of the foldable mobile phone does not show a complete screen when unfolded, and there is a clear sense of splitting on the look and feel (as shown below). At the same time, it is hard to think of any practical scenes by cutting the screen into two pieces. Watch the video? No... WeChat? No... play the game? No, if you have a practical experience, the one-piece foldable phone is the most practical (only one screen). However, this foldable mobile phone needs to rely on a flexible curved screen and a flexible battery. Obviously, the current technology has not met the demand and cannot achieve this effect. Therefore, everyone does not have to look forward to folding mobile phones. From publication to availability, there is still a long way to go before folding mobile phones.

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