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How To Make Your Car More Shiny And Fascinating

Most car owners will take care of their car, and the owner will routinely take care of it, including car washing, waxing, sealing, coating, cleaning inside the car and so on. Recently, a new method of care has attracted the attention of many car owners. It has won the trust of car owners with reliable paint sealing technology and efficient and lasting protection of car paint. This is - car plating.

What is plating?

Plated crystal is a car care method that has received a lot of attention in recent years. A variety of strong protective crystals and UV filter layer are formed on the surface of the car paint to improve the brightness and hardness of the paint surface, prevent scratches, UV rays, acid rain, salt, asphalt, fly paint, insect spots, yellow sand and bird droppings. Harmful substances damage the surface of the car. It is like wearing a high-tech "protective outerwear" for the paint, completely eroding any erosion of dust, oil, mold, water molecules and other particles on the paint itself, and has anti-ultraviolet, anti-oxidation, anti-friction, non-fading Increase the hardness of the paint surface, so that the paint surface maintains its original bright and beautiful color for a long time.

Currently, plated crystal is the world's leading automotive paint finish technology. Compared with the coating, the coating construction is cumbersome, the holding time is short, the paint is often damaged, and the anti-pollution ability is low. Although the plating crystal is complicated in the construction process, it has high value, high brightness, strong durability, and high requirements for specialization procedures. “The plating is above the coating. Compared with the original varnish, the coating thickens the thickness of the body, making the car resistant to oxidation and acid rain. In addition to thickening, the plating increases the hardness of the body. The protection ability of the car is strengthened.” Li Bo, the 3M Jinluo Auto Beauty Center, said that the car was placed in the hot sun, although the parking time was not long, it would cause damage to the rubber strip. Moreover, many car owners now see that their car has been scratched for the first time to choose spray paint, in fact, this is a kind of damage to the car. He explained that when painting, the iron plate was made into a feathery edge, and the iron plate was invisibly thinned and finally polished and then painted. Therefore, it is not a good thing to paint multiple bodies.

How to plate crystal?

Conventional lacquer plating can effectively solve automotive body defects, remove stubborn stains and inconvenience caused by car washing. According to 3M staff, the working principle of lacquer plating is: a silicone oligomer with reactive end groups, solidified in the greenhouse under the action of a catalyst, self-crosslinking to form a network structure, forming a dense film layer. At the same time, the surface groups of the oligomer react with the lacquer active group to form a chemical bond, providing excellent adhesion and durability to the lacquer surface.

"At present, it is more popular to plate crystal, crystal, which is a liquid substance. When it is coated on the surface of the car body, it will naturally crystallize and form a solid substance." Jiangmen City skillful hand film Cao boss said that traditional plating is needed Polishing, after the car paint is made very bright, the scratches are covered to start the plating. However, the use of good quality products now covers the micro-flower marks on the surface of the car, and the crystals can also be self-leveling. The plating process is technically high and purely manual. It does not cause secondary damage to the car body caused by machine shock like a glaze. Therefore, the cost of plating is higher than that of the coating. Cao boss also introduced that the European car paint hardness 5H, Japanese car 4H. The good plating crystal has a hardness of 7H or more. At present, some car owners in order to take care of their car, although the price is slightly higher, they began to try plating.

The necessity of plating

The main component of the plated crystal is silica, which forms a layer of 1-2 micron glass film on the surface. The glass film layer isolates the paint from the air to prevent oxidation and scratching of the paint, and improves the hardness and gloss of the paint. degree. Let the paint surface maintain a new state within three years. Among them, maintenance costs such as polishing, waxing and sealing glaze can be saved within three years. Cao boss said that the hardness of the film after plating is up to 9H, but it is not a copper wall, and small scratches will occur when some hard objects are encountered. But this scratch is only on the surface of the film, it will not hurt the paint, and the price of recovery is not high. If the car is not plated, the scratches are directly hung on the paint surface, and it must be polished, but the polishing will make the paint thinner and thinner, and slowly lose the original gloss of the paint, which is not worth the candle.

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