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How Far Is 3D Printing For Entering The Public Family?

3D printers are very versatile, as long as they require prototypes and models, 3D printing can bring help, even disruptive innovations, in prototypes, mold making, denture skeletons, building sandboxes, jewelry, and creative advertising. Many areas such as DIY customization have good application prospects. The advantage of 3D printing is that it can be realized or more efficient and low-cost implementation, and some individualized, complicated and difficult manufacturing problems that are difficult to solve in traditional manufacturing.

  In recent years, with the development of technology, and the maturity of 3D printing equipment and ecology, 3D printers are getting closer and closer to our daily life, and even have begun to enter personal homes, 3D printing personalized gifts, creative trinkets or practical The daily necessities have become a trend, and related applications have become a vast market with great potential.

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In addition, Chinese traditional culture attaches great importance to education. The 3D printing pen, which belongs to the 3D printing industry in 3D printers, can help children get rid of mobile phones and TVs, create their own toys and print them out. Compared with 3D printers in the 3D printing industry, 3D printing pens are more convenient to operate, more easily accepted by children, and the price is cheaper! At present, many 3D printing pens have entered the primary and secondary schools and major training institutions, because 3D printing pens have greatly improved the children's hands-on ability and imagination.

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The problem now is that most individual consumers have not realized that 3D printers are already a mature, easy-to-use appliance, and the price of many 3D printers in the domestic market is very close to the people.

3D printing will inevitably have an explosive growth in family education. The current 3D printer can fully meet the needs of family education, and the consumables also have green bio-friendly PLA. 3D printing is a technology that we can reach at hand. With the efforts of many domestic manufacturers, the future domestic 3D printer will be more intelligent and easy to use, and become a daily household appliance that everyone can easily enjoy and use.