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Explosion-proof Screen Protector Or Tempered Screen Protector Better For Cell Phone Protect?

  The tempered glass screen protecter pays more attention to the use of the touch experience, high-definition picture quality, smooth, high-sensitivity touch response, and the mobile phone explosion-proof screen protecter is inclined to its explosion-proof protection effect. The mobile phone explosion-proof membrane is mainly made of PET+TPU composite material and a layer of silicone coating. Because the thickness of the silicone coating is thicker than that of the ordinary protective film, it can decompose external force under strong impact to cushion the impact, avoid the screen bursting and affect the appearance or prevent the mobile phone. Inadvertent impact causes the broken and scattered of the glass panel of the mobile phone, reduces the hidden damage of the glass panel, and ensures the safety of the user. It has a 3H hardness scratch-resistant surface, and the screen does not affect the screen after passing through a 500g steel ball. The anti-impact, anti-scratch, anti-wear and other aspects of the explosion-proof membrane of the mobile phone have unique advantages compared with the general PET and PE mobile phone protective film. At the same time, this material saves costs compared to tempered glass!

If you are crazy about mobile games and watching video, tempered glass film should no doubt be preferred. If your mobile phone is a valuable brand, you may choose to attach the explosion-proof film. Of course, this is not necessarily the case, depending on which one you prefer. All in all, tempered glass film and mobile phone explosion-proof film have their own advantages, each with its own wonderful.

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