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7.3-inch OLED Screen! Samsung Foldable Mobile Phone Issued In November

The flexible screen is regarded as the final form of display products such as mobile phones in the future. As the world's leading manufacturer of small-size OLED panels, Samsung is on the foldable flexible screen after the curved surface, trying to present the appearance of future mobile phones.

Recently, Gao Dongzhen, president of Samsung Electronics' mobile business unit, confirmed that the Samsung team has basically completed the research and development process of Samsung's folding mobile phone, which will be released at the Samsung Global Developers Conference in San Francisco in November this year.

The screen size is 7.3 inches and can be folded completely

According to foreign media reports, this folding phone is called Galaxy X, and it may be Galaxy Wing. A 7.3-inch Samsung OLED display will be used. Not only does it kill many mobile phone products on the market, but the most important thing is that it is very convenient to carry because of its foldable characteristics.

According to previous news, Samsung has established a test production line for folding OLED panels in the A3 production line. After the test production line can enter mass production, it is expected that the single production line will reach the scale of 100,000 pieces produced throughout the year. In 2019, Samsung is expected to produce 1 million foldable OLED panels.

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At present, manufacturers such as Apple continue to eat away from the status of Samsung mobile phones. The foldable model will be released with the Galaxy S10 in an attempt to regain the combat power of the Samsung phone.

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