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3D Printing Pen Works By The Artist

Humans have been unable to stop the advancement of technology, and a 3D printing pen can make "Shen Ma Ma" appear in reality.

Looking at a top-notch 3D printed pen artwork, Turkish female artist Esra Oguz used her 3D printing pen to create the flower basket shown below, which should be considered the work of the world's top 3D printing pen players.

price of 3d printing pen 1.jpg

If you still can't see it, add a few more pictures below.

The abstract architecture created by a group of college students at the University of Tokyo in Japan with 3D printed pens is not beautiful.

use of 3d printing pen 2.jpg

A costume designer (SHIGO) used a 3D printed pen to make a skirt. It took 3 months from design to delivery. The blessing of the graduates who are professional in the costume design is a new realization tool. .

cost of 3d printing pen 3.jpg

It is also a shocking work, it looks like oil painting, and it is completely different from the abstract beauty of oil painting. This color material gives you a unique beauty impact.

working of 3d printing pen 4.jpg

A fish, a lifelike fish, is also an award-winning work.

history of 3d printing pen 5.jpg

This work is preferred by children, but I feel that the artistic value of this work is not high.

types of 3d printing pen 6.jpg

The blessing of the food, the snack of the 3D printing pen, it is suitable to use it here.