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3D Printing Industry Expects Talents To Emerge

Since the development of the 3D printing industry, it has gradually grown into a key industry that can meet industrial production and realize manufacturing transformation. New industrial chains such as design, software, materials, and digital manufacturing derived from 3D printing technology are gradually optimizing traditional manufacturing and building a new manufacturing ecosystem. However, while the industry is growing rapidly, the shortcomings of China's 3D printing technology and talent construction have become an important obstacle to the industry's higher level. Solving the problem of talent cultivation has become an urgent task for the development of the industry!

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In 2012, China's 3D printing market was US$161 million. By 2016, China's 3D printing industry had reached US$1.187 billion, with a compound growth rate of 49.11%. As a new manufacturing technology, 3D printing has unique advantages in timely manufacturing, complex manufacturing, personalized manufacturing, manufacturing in special environments, and arbitrary manufacturing. The new industrial chain, which is derived from design, software, materials, and digital manufacturing, is gradually optimizing traditional manufacturing and building a new manufacturing ecosystem.

Looking at the global market, 3D printing will advance the global $12 trillion traditional manufacturing market. In view of the support of industrial policies and fiscal policies, it is estimated that the size of China's 3D printing market will reach US$6.19 billion by 2022.

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Although the 3D printing technology continues to develop and the industry scale continues to expand, the shortage of talent has always plagued the industry. It is very difficult to recruit people. At present, the supply of talents in the industry is obviously insufficient, especially the lack of middle and senior talents with work experience. Practitioners generally lack 3D printing professional skills, and it is difficult to join the retraining and reemployment work. Be sure to start with education and train more 3D printing engineers. By strengthening cooperation with top international scientific research institutions, we will jointly build laboratories, research and development centers, and research institutes to solve the shortage of core technologies and core talents in China's 3D printing industry.

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At present, China still lacks top-level design, lacks core talents, and lacks in-depth applications. 3D printing technology is of great significance to promote the transformation and upgrading of China's traditional industries. It is necessary to vigorously promote the demonstration application and scientific popularization of 3D printing, timely track international development trends, and strengthen international cooperation. The talent training of the 3D printing industry should start from the practice, and hope that the majority of 3D printing industry entrepreneurs take the initiative. I hope more students can re-recognize 3D printing from a practical point of view, rediscover more connotations of 3D printing, and identify their own development direction.