What is Nano glass protector coating technology ?

Nano glass film with AGC glass strengthening technology HARVES nanotechnology Through international HARVES nano coating technology, using high-density nano-scale hydrophobic oleophobic coating, you can get super-lubricated function, making the fingerprint traces can not remain on the film surface, to achieve anti-fingerprint resistance The effect of oil pollution. AGC glass strengthening technology: Imported AGC glass material, in the original proportion of hardness after a special scratch-resistant flower enhancement treatment to achieve amazing 9H hardness. It can effectively prevent film scratching for a long period of time, and it has super high light transmittance. The super-lubrication function makes it impossible for fingerprint traces to remain on the surface of the film to achieve anti-fingerprint and oil-repellent effects. The ultra-high transmittance of AG glass plus HARVES nano-coating enhances the degree of light transmission, resulting in a 94% transmittance, restoring the true color of the screen, greatly enhancing the clarity of the screen and bringing the user a high-definition visual experience. Explosion protection technology: MAS glass film contains a special rubber material, after tempering, use more secure. There are automatic stickers.

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