various features mobile phone glass film

What are the new mobile phone protection films that are closely related to mobile phones at the same time as the replacement of major brand mobile phones? Let Vanco check out all kinds of new features for everyone!

First, professional protection - tempered glass film

As early as 2012, researchers in the United States used tempered glass, which is called “safety glass”, in the field of mobile phones, and designed protective screens for toughened screens. These are high-end screen protection products. In 2013, some domestic powerful manufacturers also imported relevant high-tech raw materials and technologies from abroad, developed their own brand of tempered glass mobile phone protective film, and provided domestic users with world-class professional protection! The thickness of this protective layer is only 0.2 ~ 0.4 mm, can prevent the screen from being damaged by external forces, scratches, but also increased the impact absorption, 5 times higher than the standard of PET film. In addition, all aspects of performance are very good, anti-glass splash, anti-oil, high transmittance of 95%, more advanced international circular edge cutting process, the touch is more natural and smooth.

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Second, health eye specialist - anti-blue eye protection Tempered protective glass

According to research, the blue light emitted by the LED screen will cause some damage to the eyesight, in order to prevent the visual health hazard caused by the mobile phone. The latest domestic research and development of anti-myopia mobile phone protection film is based on anti-blue light, anti-proximity as the design concept, to the eyes of the most intimate care. Anti-myopia protection film is a kind of transparent medium for the screen surface, which is attached to the LED screen. As long as the electronic product emits high-energy short-wave blue light, the nano-materials of the anti-myopia film will be intelligently absorbed and transformed into a light emitting source. High-energy short-wave blue light, reduce the blue light on eye irritation. This blue anti-glare eye mask features eye protection, anti-blue light, and anti-glare function. It can automatically filter harmful blue light emitted from the screen on the screen, which greatly reduces the harm of blue light to the eyes.

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Third, hydrophobic oleophobic - lotus leaf Glass Film Screen Protector 

Most mobile phone users have such annoyances: The mobile phone has a high-definition film, a few screens or a phone call, and the screen is immediately covered with grease and perspiration. It is not clean, especially in the summer. more obvious. In response to this defect in traditional films, manufacturers have developed a hydrophobic and oleophobic protective film for the lotus leaf phone. The good exhaust performance of the lotus leaf film makes it easier for the grease stains remaining on the surface to be wiped. The concept of lotus leaf membrane originates from the bionics principle of the lotus leaf effect in nature. Scientific research has found that the surface of the lotus leaf has the magical function of anti-dirty self-cleaning. The self-cleaning function of the lotus leaf stems from the micro-nano structure on the surface. When the water droplets roll on the surface, they will carry away the surface pollutants and dust, thus achieving self-cleaning. Clean effect. New lotus leaf film allows consumers to experience the dual advantages of combining HD film and frosted film.

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Fourth, scratch-resistant wear - diamond explosion-proof protective glass

The structure of King Kong explosion-proof glass film is mainly divided into three layers: diamond layer, explosion-proof layer, and high penetration layer. These three high-quality PET substrates are compound and stacked to form a triple protection. Even if the mobile phone breaks the screen due to internal or external causes, the debris also Still adhered to the King Kong explosion-proof membrane, but not scattered around, to maximize the safety of users. In addition to its excellent scratch-, drop-, and impact-resistance properties, it can also automatically apply, prevent fingerprints, and prevent rainbow patterns.

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No matter what kind of feature phone glass film, genuine quality can ensure the safety of mobile phones. The market is flooded with counterfeit products from various small workshops. Consumers must look for authentic products when they purchase, and purchase through formal channels. Do not be deceived.