Toughened glass film cell phone screen of the King Kong Protective film

Toughened glass membrane technology is becoming more and more mature today, toughened glass film hardness has reached 9 h, the thickness is also decreasing gradually. And the mobile phone toughened glass protective film using imported optical glass, after a special hardening process and add the explosion-proof layer, the surface hardness of 9 H, the thickness of only 0.33mm, the impact resistance can be up to 15kg/cm2, so don't say hammer smashing, is with cutting paper blade across, tempered glass membrane surface is also intact.

In addition, the toughened glass membrane uses the ultra-thin design, fine grinding, light transmittance as high as 98%, and surface nano-augmentation treatment, making its clean simple, touch more sensitive, without damage to the control of the smartphone, and the border design brought about by glare and anti-ultraviolet rays, to protect the eyes at anytime, effective protection of eyesight!

In various protective film and tempered glass film field has many years of industry experience, and has a first-class research and development team, the company's latest research and development of PET mobile phone protection film hardness up to 8H, this research and development in the film industry is a big stir, soon, elephant science and technology has been among the creators and leaders of screen protection film industry, the company produced protective film into the computer screen protection film, digital camera protection Film and other fields, greatly improving the market share of various screen protection film. It has been recognized and praised by many smartphone users.