The maintenance method of toughened glass film

The first step: the dust paste affixed to the toughened glass film, and then tear the film dust paste, it affixed to the glass film of a corner, and pressure on the dust paste, so that it and glass bonded together.

The second step: Remove the toughened glass film, the film will be pasted along the reverse direction, the glass film will be pulled up a corner, then the second piece of dust can be affixed to the absorption layer of toughened glass film inside, corresponding to the first piece of dust paste position, at this time, the glass film Tear away, dust paste coated with a special paste, will not damage the glass film adsorption layer, even if repeatedly paste, will not leave residue on the glass film.

The third step: the film, in accordance with the above "toughened glass film Installation" Inside the steps of the glass film, because the absorption layer of toughened glass membrane ① No.