Classification of Tempered Glass

by shape

1. The tempered glass is divided into flat tempered glass and curved tempered glass.

General plane tempered glass thickness of 11, 12, 15, 19mm and other 12; surface toughened glass thickness of 11, 15, 19mm and other eight kinds, the specific processing after the thickness or to see the manufacturers of equipment and technology. However, the surface (ie, curved tempered) tempered glass has a maximum radian limit for each thickness. The usual R R is the radius.

2. Tempered glass According to its appearance is divided into flat and curved tempered steel.

3. Tempered glass According to its flatness is divided into: excellence, qualified products. Excellent tempered glass for automotive windshield;

by process

⒈ physical tempered glass is also called quenching tempered glass. It is when the ordinary flat glass is heated to a softening temperature (600 ℃) near the glass in the heating furnace. Through its own deformation to eliminate internal stress, and then remove the glass from the heating furnace, and then use a long nozzle to blow the high-pressure cold air to both sides of the glass, so that it quickly and evenly cooled to room temperature, can be made of tempered glass. This glass is in the internal tension, external compression stress state, once the local damage, will occur stress release, glass is broken into countless small pieces, these small fragments without sharp edges and corners, not easy to hurt people.

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