announcements for after installing a cell phone tempered film

After sticking a cell phone tempered film, can the cell phone mess up? No, no, you must be wrong. Even if you put a steel film phone is not invincible. We also need to pay attention to some matters

(1) Care should be taken to prevent scratching: If you live in sufficient detail, it is recommended that you buy a mobile phone or mobile phone case, which can reduce the consumption of mobile phones. Even if you use it for a long time, the phone is like new.

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(2) Sticky high-strength mobile phone tempered glass film: We all know that the mobile phone protective film plays a protective role for the mobile phone, and naturally it can also play the role of maintenance, with a protective film, the back of the phone is not easy to soil, Looks like new.

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(3) Note that the battery should not be overcharged and discharged: The battery should be charged when it is low, and it should not wait until the mobile phone is turned off and then recharged. In the long run, it may easily lead to dissatisfaction with the charging of the mobile phone. The battery should be fully charged and should not be charged for a long time even if it is powered off. Because that will also consume the battery life of the phone.

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(4) Pay attention to the regular cleaning of the screen: Since it is unavoidable to smudge the mobile phone in life, the cleaning needs to be frequent and attention should be paid to the method of cleaning. It is not possible to use an irritating chemical to clean the film because that would cause the screen to be When the material is dissolved, wipe the film with a clean rag.

  (5) Screen protection: Be sure to buy a good cell phone tempered glass film, do not lose the big. A good cell phone tempered glass film should have three conditions: one is to have good light transmission, the other is to wear, and the other is to be sticky, and be careful not to always use sharp things to scrape after the film.