Analysis on the advantages and disadvantages of tempered glass film

Mobile phone toughened film has the most basic advantages as a cell phone film, such as: to prevent dust from entering the phone screen, to prevent the screen long-term use of scratches, provide a certain protection for the screen. The biggest advantage of this protective film is the use of electrostatic adsorption film, such as the requirements of the film technology is relatively low for DIY film. Although this kind of protective film long time use may appear to fall off phenomenon, but as long as the wipe can be again adsorbed up, very convenient and practical.

At present, there are not a mobile phone protection film without any shortcomings, mobile phone toughened film is no exception. At present, the biggest drawback of this film is two points: the price, the price is slightly higher than the ordinary film, if the price can be reduced to a small extent, may be more consumers love; protection, because this film is not to protect the main screen, so the safety factor is only in a higher position, comprehensive ability is at the first-class level.

Not only is the mobile phone consumer groups like tempered glass film, according to data shows that many film-placement entrepreneurs in the purchase when the proportion of the film is the most. Carry forward their own advantages, and then for their own shortcomings to improve, so that toughened glass film to obtain a larger market.