About Apple's all-inclusive mobile phone tempered film

First of all, let's talk about the iPhone 6's screen. The iPhone 6's screen has changed from the previous plane to a 2.5D arc-like screen similar to the Samsung S3/Note2. In short, that's it.

water resistant screen protector1.jpg

Because of the iPhone 6 screen, this directly increases the difficulty of the film, making it impossible for the screen to have curvature on the screen. Let's talk about ordinary plastic film: Ordinary plastic film has good curvature, 2.5D part can be bent to cover, but the problem is that the static film suction below the layer of ordinary film can not suck the place where the screen curvature, the so-called Can bend, but can not suck.

Then everybody expects that the tempered glass film can wrap around the arctic screen that the iPhone6 has pained (whether from the aesthetic or protection point of view, the whole package is better). As a glass, it is impossible for a cliff to be curved in such a small area. If you want all-inclusive, then only change the shape of the tempered glass film, the effect of pasting is like this.

liquid screen protector canada2.jpg

Or like this

liquid armor screen protector review3.jpg

It looks beautiful, but, but, but

To make such a shape, it is still such a thin protective glass, which is too difficult to realize in combination with the existing raw materials and production processes of tempered glass film.

So now the iPhone 6's toughened glass membrane is basically like this

liquid glass shield review4.jpg

And the home button there must be open

This is undoubtedly a very big blow to Virgo / Obsessive-compulsive / Perfectionist and can not afford to hurt.

However, in the less perfect tempered film there will be relatively perfect, the above picture is relatively perfect. There are more sizes on the market

For example:

liquid screen protector test5.jpg

Or this: (long, with white edges, the edges of the glass film absorb dust)

where to buy liquid armor6.jpg

So iPhone6 is a wonderful work in the film industry and is the perfect match for perfectionists! Well, today's talk about "all-inclusive mobile phone protector".