3D printing is used for magnet printing for the first time: it can be shaped freely

Conventional methods for making magnets are injection molding, sintering, and bonding. Today, researchers at the Vienna University of Technology have developed a 3D printing technology that can print magnets of any shape. Dr. Dieter Süss, head of project research, said that the strength of the magnetic field is not the only factor. We want a special magnetic field that will be arranged in a specific way, when the magnetic field will remain relative in a certain direction. Stable, but the magnetic field strength will change in the other direction.

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To make such a magnet, the researchers first created a digital model on the computer, and then the printer printed the physical structure of the magnet layer by layer. The material composition used in this 3D printing consists of 90% magnetic particle material and 10% polymer binder, which is hot extruded by a 3D printer. At this time, the magnetic microparticle-containing polymer is still in an unmagnetized state, and is magnetized in a strong magnetic field to turn it into a permanent magnet.

This technology can be used not only to print a variety of different shapes of magnets, but also to allow different types of magnetic materials to be printed as a magnet, that is, different areas of a magnet may have different magnetic properties.

Currently, the research results are published in the Applied Physics Letters.