Glass Screen Protector

Glass Screen Protector
Product Features: Feature 1: Glass Screen Protector adopt Japan AGC Glass and AB Double Tape to guarantee best quality to our customers . Feature 2: Glass Screen Protector uses Prototype mold and CNC cutting to make the screen protector 100% fit for your phone . Feature 3: Glass Screen Protector...
Product Details

Product Features:

*High Quality and Brand New.
*Hardness of 9H , Only 0.3mm thick.
*Made of Chemical Processed Glass, Has Excellent Display Effect.
*High Screen Sensitivity And Comfortable Touch Feeling. 
*Slim Tempered Glass Made By High Technical Process. 
*With High Light Penetration Rate, Even Stick With This Film Guard.
*Compare with Normal Screen Guard This Tempered Glass Can Resist Scratches And Damages From Metals.


Q1: Which Thickness is the Best?


       Answer: Each thickness do has it’s own cost performance, The 0.26mm Thickness do has the best Flexibility,

       The Others do have better hardness.


Q2: What’s the Scratch-Resistance and Hardness?


       Answer: 0.15mm(8H),0.2-0.4mm(9H)


Q3: What’s Tempered Glass Screen Protector 2.5D Technology?


      Answer: It’s Glass protector arc edge,adopts innovative cutting technology with precise

      cutting Technique to create the exquisite 2.5 arc edge.


Q4: What’s difference between normal PET screen and Tempered Glass Screen Protector?



              1) Base Material is different. One is Pet,The other is Tempered Glass.


              2) The Manufacturer Membrane Processes is different.


                  PET Film: Imported Material in rolls-film laminating-cutting-labeling-finished product.


                  TemperedGlass: Cutting Glass-Measuring Thickness-CNC-Flat Grinding(2.5D)-Electroplating-QC-


                  Ultrasonic Cleaning-Tempereding-Oprical Clear Adhesive-Packing-Packing List.


                3) Basic Function is different.


                   PET Film:Anti-Scratch,3H Hardness,Light transmission rate of 90%


                   Tempered Glass Film:8-9H Hardness,Oleophobic coating and water-repellent,good anti-fingerprint effect,


                   excellent auto exhaust performance,light transmission rate for 95%.

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