Tempered Glass For IPhone 6 Plus

Tempered Glass For IPhone 6 Plus
New Arrive new tech for Tempered Glass Screen Protector , Only our factory supply in market ! Full AB Glue on Glass , Auto Adsorption , Auto Sticky , No Bubble , No White Edge , Edge never rise up Specially design for Galaxy S8 , S8 + 3D Screen Protector 9H Hardness Scratch Resistant Shatter...
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Q1: What’s the MOQ and Leading time

Answer500pcs/Model,8 Days for the delivery 


Q2: What the Thickness for Vanco tempered screen protector?

 Answer: vanco Has Five kinds of Thickness    

                  including 0.15mm,0.2mm,0.26mm,0.33mm,0.4mm (Recommend0.26mm)

                  Clear, Matte, Anti-Blue/Purple Light, Silk print, Carbon, 3D, Privacy etc.


Q3: How may models we can supply?
For most hot models of Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, Sony, Meizu, ZTE,                                                       Lenovo etc. About 97% device model in the market can be choose from us!


Q4: What’s the Scratch-Resistance and Hardness?

Answer: 0.15mm(8H),0.2-0.4mm(9H)


Q5: How Many Layers does vanco’s Tempered Glass consist Of?

Answer: 0.15mm-0.4mm(Four Layers)


Q6: What’s difference between normal PET screen and Tempered Glass Screen Protector?


              1) Base Material is different. One is Pet,The other is Tempered Glass.

              2) The Manufacturer Membrane Processes is different.

                PET Film: Imported Material in rolls-film laminating-cutting-labeling-finished product.

                Tempered Glass: Cutting Glass-Measuring Thickness-CNC-Flat Grinding(2.5D)-Electroplating-QC-

                Ultrasonic Cleaning-Tempereding-Oprical Clear Adhesive-Packing-Packing List.

             3) Basic Function is different.

               PET Film:Anti-Scratch,3H Hardness,Light transmission rate of 90%

               Tempered Glass Film:8-9H Hardness,Oleophobic coating and water-repellent,good anti-fingerprint                    effect,excellent auto exhaust performance,light transmission rate for 95%.

If you need more details about screen protector for mobile phone,please send us enquiry or contact me by whatsApp: 008613691774539 ,wechat: dakotch, looking forward to good cooperation with long term business partners.

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