Screen Guard Screen Protector

Screen Guard Screen Protector
*Design for popular mobile phone,such as Iphone 8/8 plus. * Antiscratch 9H ,3 times stronger than regular PET. Good compressive strength,even shard objects such as knives and keys won’t scratch. *The total thickness is 0.6mm, the middle usage thickness is 0.3mm, silicone automatic...
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*Design for popular mobile phone,such as Iphone 8/8 plus. 


*Antiscratch 9H,3 times stronger than regular PET. Good compressive strength,even shard objects such as knives and keys won’t scratch.


*The total thickness is 0.6mm,the middle usage thickness is 0.3mm, silicone automatic adsorption,anti-scratch is better than Buff screen protector.


*Self-adsorption on the screen, can be reusable.

Super shock proof technology, drop resistance,antiscratch,antioil,antiradiation,bacterial proof, strong silicone adhesive,easy to install and stick ,therefore it won’t affect the touch sensitivity.


*Whole transparency > 98%


*Oleophobic coating.Delicate touch,perfect adhesion.

Q1. Can you offer sample before order?

A: Yes, we can provide samples for evaluation, samples are free.


Q2.What's the difference between tempered screen protector and common film?


1).The difference of raw material

Tempered screen protector is made of tempered glass from Japan, while common film is made of PET or normal glass.

2).The difference of function

When bended, tempered screen protector have higher Hardness as 8-9H and higher light transmission. Oleo phobic Coating make it resistant of water, fingerprint.


Q3.What the thickness of tempered glass Screen Protector?

A: Focuses does have five different kinds of Thickness tempered glass protector.  

Including 0.15mm,0.2mm,0.26mm,0.33mm,0.4mm


Q4. Will the case work with a glass screen protector already on the phone?

A: Yes, it works.


Q5. What kinds of retail packaging we can supply?

A:We have different kinds of retail packaging, such as crystal box, plastic box, single paper box...etc shown in our website. And we accept OEM&ODM order.


Q6.How is your quality for phone accessories?

A: Our products are highly praised by customers, more than 10 years experience in phone accessories.


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