2.5D Anti Glare Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Product Features: 1. Imported the best Japan Pure White Glass , so our tempered glass screen protector have ultimate transparency without any Impurities inside , it keeps 9H anti impact before tempered treatment .the best material must lead to the best product. 2. Strong silicone adhesive...
Product Details

Product Features:

- 9H Hardness

Super Hard, even sharp objects such as knives and keys will not scratch the tempered glass film.

- Oleophobic Coating

Prevents from fingerprints and other contaminants. Makes it easier to clean.

- Secure anti-explosion

The whole plate keeps adhesive state even the glass burst.They are not sharp, making it much safer than other glass products.

- Perfect Adhesion

Made with chemically treated, transparent tempered glass with silicon adhesive to make it easier to fit the phone.

- Sensitive Touch

After the mobile phone touch screen is installed, the sensitivity will not be affected.

- Perfect Transparency

Does not any impact the screen in any way after installing, giving high-definition perspective.

Product Pictures:

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1.Which Thickness is the Best?

Each thickness has it's own performance, 0.26mm has the best flexibility,The Others have better hardness.

2.What's the Scratch-Resistance and Hardness?


3.What's Tempered Glass Screen Protector 3D Technology?

It's glass protector arc edge,adopts innovative cutting technology with precise cutting technique to create the exquisite 3 arc edge.

4.What's difference between normal PET screen and Tempered Glass Screen Protector?

1)Base Material is different.

One is Pet, the other is Tempered Glass.

2)The Manufacturer Membrane Processes is different.

PET Film:Imported Material in rolls-film laminating-cutting-labeling-finished product.

Tempered Glass:Cutting Glass-Measuring Thickness-CNC-Flat Grinding(2.5D)-Electroplating-QC-Ultrasonic Cleaning-Tempereding-Oprical Clear Adhesive-Packing-Packing List.

3)Basic Function is different.

PET Film:Anti-Scratch,3H Hardness,Light transmission rate of 90%

Tempered Glass Film:8-9H Hardness,Oleophobic coating and water-repellent,good anti-fingerprint effect,excellent auto exhaust performance,light transmission rate for 95%.

5.What is your advantage?

1)Various products in low MOQ and competitive prices.

2)Professional website platform and one-to-one online service.

3)We have our own factory. We accept the order if you want to customize products or design the product.

4)Fast delivery within 3-4 working days.

5)Products are all covered with warranty and insurance.

6. What is the thickness for Vanco's Tempered Glass Screen Protector?

Vanco has five kinds of thickness,Including 0.15mm,0.2mm,0.26mm,0.33mm,0.4mm(Recommend0.26mm)

7. .Are you a manufacturer?

Yes, we are a experienced manufacturer with our own molds and production lines.

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