Soft Glass Screen Protector Film

Product Features: 1. 2.5D edge perfectly fit the mobile screen 2. Delicate Touch: No interference on touch screen responsiveness 3. Surface hardness : 6H for extreme scratch resistance 4. Oleo phobic Coating: resists fingerprints and other contaminants and makes the film easy to clean. 5....
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Product Details

Product Features:

1.Ultra thin glass(0.3mm) can be treated by toughening under high temperature of 420.

2.Fully transparent: chemically treated transparent tempered glass.

3.Full bonding, automatic adsorption can be repeated bonded.

4.Surface hardness: 9H,3 times harder than PET screen protector. the screen will not get scratched even using hard object such as knives and keys.

5.Delicate touch:On the back side of glass coated with a strong silicone layer to make installation easily and attached  screen tightly so as to not affect sensitivity of touch screen.

6.Surface is anti-oil processing (Oleophobic coating), so fingerprints and oil is not easy to stay surface and it is easy to clean. 

7.Explosion-proof, shatter-resistant glass breaks into small pieces ,more secure than other glass products,and the glass screen protector will not broken into small piece with sharp edge.It still keeps a whole piece of screen protector to protect your phone screen against scratched.

8.Ultra clear edging craft and Whole transaprency:Realistic picture and more than 99% transparency Much higher transmittance than PET screen protector.

Product Picture:


Can you make OEM order for our company logo and drawing ?


Yes , OEM retail packege MOQ:5000pcs ,Lead time about 10days 


How about big quantity order ? is there any discount ?


Yes big order would have discount .


Can you make phone models in my country ?


Yes .of course ,we also can make glass as your drawing .and special request .

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