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Production Process For Xiaomi Stainless Steel Frame

Xiaomi once in the "a piece of steel art trip" in the production process.


(on site)

The scene is not so beautiful. Bang bang bang the impact of noise, workers need to wear noise earplugs.



(production line)

Cutting, rough forging, precision forging, a series of punching plastic, will enter the next link. All the middle part of the total milling (remove that 290 grams), leaving only the border part. Why is it so porous? Positioning, stress and other complex reasons.



(Frame preliminary molding)



(Laser burns the upper part of the antenna part of the PVC)

But also with the laser to burn the antenna part of the above PVC, because it is conductive will affect the signal. And then through the instrument to test the antenna on the border signal, manual detection of the border there is no wear scratches.

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