Why Is The Tempered Glass Film A Mobile Protection God

Why the glass film can become the protection of the mobile phone God? That will be the first to understand what is called tempered Glass film, the first to say that tempered glass, is the ordinary glass ultra-high temperature after the rapid cooling of the formation of high-strength glasses, the strength of ordinary glass 3-4 times, there are bending and wear resistance. What kind of method does tempered glass film need?

The film coating method of toughened glass is actually very simple, just be divided into three steps:

First, clean up the phone screen;

Secondly, determine the positive and negative of the toughened glass film after the film alignment can be affixed film;

Finally, with the hand touch the middle of the phone screen, the air can be automatically dispersed, the bubble can be tempered glass film automatically excluded. Even though the toughened glass film has a tiny bubble in it, it will disappear automatically in just 1-2 days. If the glass film is not carefully affixed to the crooked, it can also be torn off to a new post, and do not worry about the film will lose sticky and scrap, this is because the toughened glass membrane is relying on electrostatic adsorption, rather than silicone bonding.