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Vivo NEX Officially Released To Meet Your Fantasy Of Smartphones

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Tonight, vivo released a new flagship model NEX in Shanghai. This product is definitely the most anticipated model in vivo in recent years, and it can also be said that this is a product that is amazing in vivo. For most consumers, vivo achieved an impression change through this product. Everyone began to suddenly understand that the company’s R&D capabilities are actually very tough and can make amazing products.

Vivo NEX is more like an upgraded version of the X21 series in terms of design. The machine's line curves are very similar, with double-sided glass plus a metal frame. This uses 3D glass on the back to use "holographic technology", through a high-precision laser engraving process, to achieve a dreamlike effect reflected in different light.

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In addition, this phone still uses screen fingerprint recognition, according to the vivo official news, this is the third generation of screen fingerprinting technology, compared to the previous generation of fingerprint image accuracy increased by 50%, fingerprint rejection rate (FRR) reduced by 30%, Unlock speed increased by 10%.

As well as an elevating front camera, the built-in micro stepper motor with a thrust of up to 500 g enters the self-timer screen and automatically rises from behind the screen. Exiting the self-timer interface is automatically lowered and hidden. This interesting camera is also compatible with three-party software, such as WeChat.

Due to the extremely high screen share of the screen, “hiding” the front camera and the sensing element and the handset need to be handled. Vivo NEX revolutionizes the internal fuselage structure and manufacturing process. It hides infrared distance sensing devices at the top of the screen and controls them with independent ICs. And replace the handset with full-screen sound technology and drive the entire screen to sound through the micro-vibration unit.

Equipped with an on-screen 6.59-inch 2316*1080 resolution OLED screen, 19.3:9 ratio, with 1.71mm left and right borders, and 2.16 mm and 5.08 mm upper and lower borders, the screen occupation ratio reached 91.24%. With DCI-P3 color management technology, color gamut coverage is increased by 35% compared to SRGB. Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chip, supplemented with 8GB RAM + 256GB ROM, built-in 4000mAh battery, using USB Type-C interface.

In addition to the front 8 million automatic lifting camera, the aircraft rear 12 million pixels + 5 million pixel dual camera. The main camera uses a Sony IMX363 sensor and supports full-pixel dual-core focusing technology with a pixel size of 1.4 μm. The lens has f/1.8 large aperture, high-precision 4-axis OIS optical image stabilization + EIS image stabilization. Camera function, support AI filter, AI composition, AI backlight photo, AI scene camera.

As for the system, vivo is equipped with a newly designed UI, and the design inspiration comes from the accumulation and release of energy. With the new AI dynamic icon system, the icons not only have a corresponding dynamic display, but also an icon discoloration function. The system will intelligently recognize the hue of the wallpaper and automatically adjust the visual style of the icons. No matter what kind of wallpaper is used, icons can be matched at any time. This time, Jovi, an intelligent voice assistant, evolved again and provided independent keys. Press to wake up. The evolved Jovi supports smart view and screen recognition functions.

Price: zero-screen full screen, lifting front camera, super smart AI, third-generation screen fingerprint, Qualcomm Xiaolong 845, 8GB+128GB/256GB, 4000mAh, 6.59 inches Super AMOLED, 19.3:9, full-screen sound, IMX363 OIS, 4-axis OIS optical image stabilization, zero heat dissipation, CS43199+SSM6322, High Power UE, global frequency band. NEX Ultimate 256GB: 4998 yuan; NEX Ultimate 128GB: 4498 yuan; NEX: 3898 yuan.