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The Importance Of IPhone X For Gesture Operation

As the iPhone's tenth anniversary of the important node, Apple has also routinely launched the iPhone X, although most of the product information has been leaked, but still does not affect it as the industry and the media hot focus. At present, most of the discussions are in the full screen, Face ID, bionic processor and other hardware, and we are more concerned about the system and interactive changes, the minority has made a detailed introduction to the new iPhone X, this one, we To return to the past, talk about gestures to manipulate those things.

Gesture operations pioneer webOS

As the microblogging from time to time emerge some of the webOS memorial, gesture operation story back to eight years ago, this is a lengthy and sad story, let me his right.


Eight years ago and eight years later

January 8, 2009, at the Las Vegas CES conference, was well-known smart phone maker Palm, officially released with a new operating system Palm Pre smart phone. The hardware features of this phone is "curved screen" (through the screen embedded in a plastic shell to achieve), although equipped with a pearl-like Home button, but the bottom of the screen is a touch operation area. In order to meet the input requirements of the efficiency of people, designed a compact full keyboard, while the first time in the smart phone launched a wireless charging function.

Card, gesture, full keyboard, wireless charging

At that time, Palm CEO, who is from Apple's retired Rubinstein (Rubinstein), he is the iPod product hardware design president, was "the father of iPod", in order to create webOS, he also hired Apple senior researcher Michael Bell is responsible for product development.

The most gorgeous innovation, the most tragic ending

After the release of the product, the technology media have to look around, the evaluation of the Palm Pre will become the iPhone killer. However, no one knows that the Palm has entered the stage of life and death, in order to grab new progress, the entire webOS system and the Palm Pre hardware there are a lot of defects, the product was listed before the contract operator Verizon collapsed. Sales channels blocked, hardware failure frequency, application development unfavorable, hard support a year later, Palm can only choose to sell themselves, hope to rely on large companies resources, so that the award-winning webOS continue to develop, and the acquisition of Hewlett-Packard, also Vowed to be webOS to create a full platform ecosystem, mobile phones, tablet, computer, printer, cloud services, can be on the.


HP webOS family portrait

And Hewlett-Packard is well-known for the destruction of people tireless, and sure enough less than a year, all about webOS big plans with the HP CEO stepped down, webOS system first open source, then resold, UI interaction core team Also have to leave, went to Google, Apple, Nokia and other companies. One of the most famous is the webOS interactive designer Matthias (Matias), after joining Google, as Android user experience director, led the Android 3.0 after the interactive experience design.

Innovative blood begins to flow around

So, we gradually found that the advanced features of webOS, gradually in the Android, Meego, iOS and other systems appear, including card task management, sliding clear notification, etc., during this period, the niche of the BlackBerry BB10 system and the Nokia Meego system, are Launched a pure gesture operation of the smart phone, the end of the application of ecological and other issues, disappeared. The growing iOS system, due to the existence of the Home key, has not been fully enabled gesture operation, until the release of the iPhone X.


As a webOS senior users, we have felt the practicality of the gesture operation, sliding is a more humane than the action of the action, accustomed to the gesture operation, with the corresponding App design, people addicted to the kind of human-computer interaction Of the efficient and agile. Although the high learning costs are relatively high, but after the habit of love, convinced that it will become the mainstream of the future interactive way. But for the user, the excellent interface interaction is just a starting point, and hardware, ecology, the perfect integration of services in order to win in the brutal competition in the market.

Gesture operation contrast and future expansion

We now compare the webOS and iPhone X gesture operation:

iPhone X in the lower edge of the screen design of a bar, and webOS touch area of the sensor is very similar.

Both are on the gesture into the multi-task card interface, webOS associated task card will automatically stack.

iPhone X through the gesture into the main screen, webOS more than one application drawer

Advanced gesture operation

In addition, webOS there are many advanced gestures, such as the gesture area left for the return, right to directly switch to a task, in any interface to hold the screen to tune out the shortcut program, skilled in these operations can be greatly reduced Cross-screen click operation to improve operational efficiency.

Descendants step or dare to be the first person

Eight years later, the iPhone X to gesture operation as the main interactive way to return, synchronized with a larger field of vision, more smooth full screen, in order to simplify the unlock operation, enabling more human and intelligent Face ID, these hardware Innovation is not Apple's original, but it was carefully polished and integrated, the formation of another industry trend.

Some time ago, foreign media has a special commentary article, reviewing Apple in this century, the major important hardware and software services, "future generations." However, this backwardness, eventually became its competitive advantage. Innovation and application of the time difference, so that Apple will re-technology to user-centric re-integration of packaging, depth optimization. Technology and humanities at the crossroads, again and again to make Apple successful corner overtaking.

Untitled story

Many users may not know, eight years ago, cooking network was once the largest webOS user community, we are extremely passionate about this innovative product, bringing together hundreds of thousands of webOS users, to create a Chinese paid application store, hatching hundreds of commonly used The software, though without commercial success, laid the foundation for our creation of a minority platform. We have been a followers of innovation and technology, today is more concerned about the application of science and technology and the scene, concerned about the product of the user's true value, which is a transformation of it!

iPhone ten years, no cell phone as it is in the global context by the eager attention: countless media competing reports, fruit powder overnight queuing, comes with traffic attributes. Although the iPhone has been criticized in recent years has not been a breakthrough, but the most concerned about the phone every year is still iPhone.

Strategy Analytics released the latest research report shows that over the past decade, Apple iPhone in the global cumulative shipments reached 1.2 billion. Since 2007, Apple launched the first generation of iPhone since the global iPhone cumulative revenue has reached 760 billion US dollars. "IPhone is one of the world's best-selling consumer electronics products," said Neil Mawston, executive director of Strategy Analytics.

Ten years, Apple released a total of 15 models, iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5S, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone SE, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus, iPhone 7 to iPhone 7 Plus.

2007: First iPhone released


January 9, 2007, Steve Jobs for the first time to show the world the iPhone. And then popular with the keyboard is different from the phone, the screen only a button iPhone shocked everyone, "Time" will be evaluated as the annual innovation products, "Apple re-invented the phone." Since then, the Home key design and multi-touch is followed by many mobile phone manufacturers to follow.

However, until June that year, the first iPhone was really on sale. 4G version of $ 499, 8G version of $ 599, generally higher than the price of mobile phones at the time Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer said in 2007: "This is the world 's most expensive mobile phone, and can not attract business customers, because there is no keyboard.

But the iPhone still attracted a lot of fruit powder to buy. The emergence of the iPhone not only changed the Apple, but also changed the world, completely changed the people for the mobile phone as a communication tool awareness, mobile phone has become a portable Internet tool. And closed iOS system, so that Apple users get a more secure and smooth experience.

2008: iPhone 3G


June 9, 2008, Steve Jobs in the global developer conference announced the 3G version of the iPhone. Into the 3G era, the speed was significantly improved. More importantly, the first launch of the App Store is now an important part of the company. Subsequently, the in-app payment becomes the standard for the app store.

Apple claimed that only three days, iPhone 3G sales reached 1 million. But also from the generation of mobile phones, Apple opened a white phone prelude.

2009: iPhone 3GS


June 2009 at the global developer conference, Apple released the iPhone 3G upgrade version of 3GS, the letter S on behalf of Speed (speed), known as "so far the fastest iPhone" for the camera upgrade, CPU performance also A substantial increase, while the screen more vivid. From the beginning of the phone, Apple users can record video.

2010: iPhone 4


iPhone 4 is Steve Jobs last time at the press conference to show you the new iPhone. And the previous two generations of iPhone slightly different, known as "once again, change everything" iPhone 4 has a new change. The phone used before and after the double glass design, metal frame. iPhone 4 was the world's thinnest cell phone.

iPhone 4 first introduced Retina screen concept. And increase the front camera, iPhone users can FaceTime video calls.

2011: iPhone 4S


iPhone 4S on the apple and fruit powder is of great significance, is the legacy of Steve Jobs. Tim Cook succeeds Steve Jobs, who introduced the iPhone on the release.

Hardware, Apple's first processor to the dual-core, significantly improved its data processing performance and graphics processing performance. In addition, from the product after the release of 4 years, Apple has not changed the 8 million pixel camera with.

Equipped with iOS 5 system iPhone 4S biggest highlight is the most important siri intelligent voice assistant and iCloud cloud services.

2012: iPhone 5


September 2012 officially released iPhone 5 also has a landmark significance, is the first Cook-style iPhone. Appearance, iPhone 5 abandoned the previous screen 3.5-inch screen, "stretched" to 4 inches. By upgrading the processor, this phone was named "the history of the lightest" iPhone.

In addition, the phone for the first time to support 4G-LTE network, and for the first time to support positive and negative common 8pin Lightning interface.

2013: iPhone 5s and 5c



In September 2013, Apple released the same period iPhone 5s and 5c, body color is no longer a single color in the past. 5S increased the land of gold and deep gray version, 5C launched blue, white, pink, yellow, green 5 color.

In addition to color, 5S biggest feature is to join the Touch ID fingerprint recognition. Just touch the Home button to complete the unlock. Since then, fingerprint recognition is becoming more and more popular, becoming the standard for smartphones.

At that time, iPhone 5S equipped with iOS 7 from the past to be materialized design into a flat style, the color is more bright. It is from this time, each new release, some people will Tucao iPhone ugly, more and more lack of innovation.

2014: iPhone6 and 6Plus


In 2014, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus available, both the screen size difference. The former is 4.7 inches and the latter is 5.5 inches. Apple took the big screen era. In the same year, the Apple Pay service was based on Near Field Communication (NFC).

2015: iPhone6S and 6SPlus


September 10, 2015, Apple released the iPhone 6s, with gold, silver, dark gray, rose gold, mainly for the former for subtle optimization. In addition to the color of the new rose gold, joined the 3D touch (pressure sensor touch) function,

2016: iPhone SE, iPhone 7 and 7Plus


iPhone SE release broke Apple's annual release of a mobile phone habits. In March 2016, Apple launched iPhoneSE. In addition to not have 3D Touch function, the rest of the hardware configuration and 6S the same, is the iPhone 5S upgrade. The biggest significance of this product is to return to the small screen market, and cost-effective. In China starting from the sale price of 3288 yuan.


In September 2016, Apple introduced iPhone 7 and 7Plus, mainly wide color gamut display, waterproof and dustproof, dual camera, the new Home button and cancel the headset hole and other small changes. However, even if people are not satisfied with the iPhone 7 and 7Plus changes, Apple iPhone 7 is the world's best-selling smart phone.

"Apple iPhone 7 is currently the world's best-selling smartphone model.Iphone 7 combines a sleek design, a huge app ecosystem, and a wide range of retail coverage in many countries around the world. This year is the birth of the iPhone," said Wu Yiwen, senior analyst at Strategy Analytics. In the tenth year, the iPhone was popular in all major national markets, with the exception of China and India, which was due to local competition from Chinese brands.

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