The Effect Of Increasing The Sense Screen

When radiographic images, usually only 1% of the ray is absorbed by the film, and more than 99% of the ray transmission film is wasted, the use of a sensitization screen can enhance the ray to the film photosensitive effect, so as to shorten exposure time to improve efficiency.

Attention to the use of the screening screen:

In the process of use, the surface should be kept smooth, clean, no pollution, damage, deformation. After the film is required to increase the sense of screen and film can be closely linked, film and increase the sense of the screen can not be mixed with foreign bodies. Increase the sense of the screen curl, the increase in the surface of the screen with a display fixing liquid oil, etc. to be replaced in a timely manner. Lead foil screen in custody should be careful to avoid dampness, to prevent harmful gases on the increase in the sense of the screen erosion.

General Standard Model: Width of 80mm, length can be set to 120mm, 150mm, 180mm, 240mm, 300mm, 360mm.

Lead foil thickness, standard size 0, 03mm, 0.1mm

Increase the sense of the screen material has a paper base to increase the sense of the screen and the substrate optional.