The Classification Of The Sense-increasing Screen

At present, the commonly used sense screen is metal-enhanced screen, fluorescence-enhanced screen and metal fluorescence increase three kinds of screen. Among them, the best film quality of the metal-enhanced screen, the second to the metal fluorescence screening screen, the most fluorescence screening screen is the worst, but the increase in the sensitivity coefficient to fluorescence screening screen the highest, the lowest metal increase sense screen.

1. Metal Screening Screen

The metal-sensing screen is usually made of a thin metal foil glued to a high quality paper base or film substrate. Commonly used metal foil materials are lead, tungsten, tantalum, molybdenum, copper, iron and so on. The most common application is the increase-feeling screen of lead-alloy produced by synthesizing effect, price, pressure ductility, surface light, flexibility and other factors.

2. Fluorescent Screening Screen

The film is not clear, the defect is easy to be missed, the scope of use is more and more small, in recent years, it is almost difficult to buy, pressure equipment welding seam radiography does not allow the use of fluorescence screening.

3 Metal Fluorescent Screening Screen

Its image is better than that of the film, because of the limitation of clarity and resolution, the metal fluorescence screening screen is generally not used for high quality workpiece penetration.