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Starting From RMB4,400 , Cheap Version Of IPhone X Exposure, Listing Will Have To Wait Another 3 Months

This year, Apple will release three new iPhone X phones, the most popular of which is the 6.5-inch iPhone X Plus. After all, this is the flagship model of this year, but the 6.1-inch iPhone X is not low, and it is This year's cheapest model in the new machine, used to replace the iPhone 8 series, but replaced with a full-screen design, I feel very good.

Compared with the 5.8-inch iPhone X second generation that has been quietly trial-produced, the two new iPhones have not yet been trial-produced. Although they were released in September, their respective fates are different, because the 6.1-inch version of the iPhone X is the latest one. The bit is to be mass-produced, so I want to buy it and continue to wait.

6.1-inch version only mass production in September

From the latest news of the industry chain exposure, Apple delayed the 6.1-inch iPhone X, which was originally scheduled to be mass-produced in August, which means that the machine will not be mass-produced in September this year. This situation has many factors, including One is that the LCD material screen used by it has some troubles in mass production. The narrowest COF process of the base fabric frame and the bangs screen cutting on the top are the main reasons that restrict the mass production of the screen.

In addition to the impact of objective productivity, there is also Apple's initiative. Industry chain sources said that because the three iPhone X models are not much different in this year, but the price difference is very different, in order to better profit, so Apple decided to let the high-priced version of the iPhone X first, and the 6.1-inch version later Postponing one month is also an exclusive slot sales period reserved for the former.

Starting at $649

For the 6.1-inch iPhone X, its price directly affects the user's purchase level, and one of its missions is to replace the iPhone 8, so the price will not be much different. According to the news given by the industry chain, the price of this cheap version of the iPhone X will end from 649 US dollars (about RMB4,400 yuan) to 749 US dollars (about RMB5,080 yuan), and starting from 799 US dollars or more, it is the other two The price range of the iPhone is gone.

As for the domestic price, the iPhone X cheap version should also come in accordance with the attitude of replacing the iPhone 8, so if this is the case, the price will start at RMB5888 yuan, but Apple may have to lower its price this year, in addition to doing so. It is not so difficult to accept the mobile phone, but also lay the foundation for the iPhone X Plus to sell more expensive, no matter how to earn more profits is the purpose of Apple.

New color matching love

According to the news from the industry chain, in order to make the iPhone X cheap version look different from the other two iPhone X series this year, Apple has equipped a variety of materials for this series of models, of course you can Color to select the host, there are currently at least 5 color combinations to choose from, and they are very active and very young, and the new iPhone X series also has to add a new color, but it is to be normal.


It is worth mentioning that this year's iPhone X cheap version of the production work is jointly produced by Heshu United, Wistron and Foxconn, and Foxconn is responsible for 70% of the orders, and their factory in Zhengzhou is now looking for crazy People, obviously, are fully prepared for the large-scale production of the new iPhone X.

According to media reports in Taiwan, in order to produce a new generation of iPhones, the Foxconn Zhengzhou factory is hiring new employees. For old employees, if you renew your contract, you can also get a one-off 2,000 yuan reward.

This fall, Apple will release three mobile phones, the 5.8-inch OLED version of the iPhone (iPhone X II), the 6.5-inch OLED version of the iPhone (equivalent to the iPhone X Plus) and the 6.1-inch LCD version of the iPhone. Recruit new employees as early as possible to deal with the next large number of Apple mobile phone production work.

In addition, due to the high cost of “pre-production” of iPhone X last year, Foxconn’s fourth-quarter profit was lower than expected. This year, Foxconn learned the lesson and carried out strict cost control.

Prepared by :Lucy Ye