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Samsung Fourth Quarter Or Profit Of 15 Billion US Dollars Soared 70%

Although the head of Li Zhaoren detained trial, but Samsung's business operations, almost no impact. Currently the fourth quarter of last year has ended, according to foreign media latest news, Samsung Electronics fourth quarter profit is expected to hit a record, reaching 15 billion U.S. dollars.

The financial services unit of the South Korean Associated Press Yonhap news agency recently conducted a securities firm survey, a total of 19 brokerages statistics, which access to the latest performance expectations data.

According to statistics, Samsung's operating profit in the fourth quarter is expected to get 16 trillion won, equivalent to 15 billion US dollars, an increase of 73%. This profit is also a new record for Samsung Electronics.

In the third quarter of last year, Samsung Electronics won 14.53 trillion won in operating profit, equivalent to 136 billion US dollars.

In addition, a brokerage firm in South Korea recently lowered the fourth quarter profit figures, mainly due to the increase in executive pay Samsung Electronics. However, due to the hot semiconductor market, salary increases will not have a substantive impact.

As we all know, the memory chip market, including memory and flash memory, has shown an explosive trend in the past year or two with rising prices. Manufacturers such as Samsung Electronics, Toshiba, Micron Technology and Hynix have benefited from it.

According to Samsung Electronics forecast in the fourth quarter operating profit of the semiconductor sector will reach 10.8 trillion won, more than double the previous year.

Samsung Electronics is the world's largest consumer electronics maker. In addition to launching smartphones, tablets and PCs like Apple, Samsung Electronics has a vast portfolio of electronic components and raw materials, including semiconductors and display panels.

In the semiconductor market, Samsung Electronics is the world's largest memory and flash memory chip maker. In the display panel market, Samsung Electronics is the only OLED screen supplier. The screens used in Apple's iPhone X handsets this year are all from Samsung.

The advantages of the component business also enable Samsung Electronics to introduce major innovations in the hardware design of smartphones. The S Series and Note Series have won numerous design awards many times and have spurred the industry to follow suit.

However, in the smart phone business, Samsung Electronics is facing siege and erode of Chinese manufacturers. Samsung's share of China's mobile phone market is approaching zero, reduced to a third-line manufacturers. In the Indian market, millet companies are expected to replace Samsung in the fourth quarter, becoming the market leader.

In Africa, the mobile phone market, Guangdong Province, China's audio company is the market leader, Samsung Electronics ranked second.

However, in the high-end mobile phone market, Samsung Electronics and Apple formed a global binary monopoly, gaining substantial profits.

Earlier, the actual controller of Samsung Electronics Li Zairong has been detained for nearly a year in trial. However, according to South Korean media reports, Lee Jae-Yong in prison is still able to hold talks with Samsung executives to direct the company's internal decision-making. Just last year, Samsung Electronics made a large-scale adjustment of executives, young young executives began to play a major role, executives of the era of Lee Kun-hee gradually withdraw from the company's business consultants. These young men also help Samsung's business transformation breakthrough.

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