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Fourth Quarter, Samsung Electronics, LG Electronics Performance Continues To Rise


Samsung and LG Electronics, which have created the best performance this year, are expected to continue their development in the fourth quarter. Samsung Electronics has confirmed that it will create new business results in the fourth quarter and LG Electronics has also made great strides. The two companies have begun to look forward to more outstanding performance next year, expecting the electronics industry to continue its existing growth momentum.

December 7 Stock market and electronics industry sources, Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics will create new operating profit in the fourth quarter.

Funguide census results show that Samsung's fourth-quarter operating profit will reach 16.3195 trillion won (about 97 billion yuan), far exceeding the third quarter to create a new operating profit of 14.5332 trillion won, will also be the first time in history breakthrough 15 100 million won mark.

For the fourth quarter to create new achievements made a significant contribution to the semiconductor, smart phones, TVs, home appliances and other departments, the annual operating profit will reach 54.7 trillion won, the first time in history exceeded 50 trillion won. Samsung Electronics not only has a new performance record in the world but also in South Korea this year. Its sales volume has topped the world semiconductor companies and its quarterly operating profit has reached the first place.

This momentum is expected to continue next year. Although Morgan Stanley recently held a negative attitude toward the development of the semiconductor industry and issued a relatively unfriendly investment opinion report, there was a different report from that point of view in South Korea. Fnguide predicts next year's operating profit will reach 65.1842 trillion won, while Kiwoom Securities is forecast to reach 70 trillion won.

New South Korea's financial investment researcher Cuidao Yan said "Unlike the market expectations, the performance of the semiconductor industry is subject to supply constraints and server demand continues to affect the development of next year, the semiconductor and display sectors will also create new results, operating profit in 2018 is expected to Reached 67.8 trillion won.


LG Electronics fourth quarter results will continue to increase, Fnguide forecasts LG Electronics sales in the fourth quarter will reach 16.51 trillion won, operating profit of 426.6 billion won. This year's full-year sales will exceed 60 trillion won, operating profit will reach 2.5 trillion ~ 2.6 trillion won, and 2.6807 trillion won in 2009 will reach similar levels.

Last year, Seong-Jin Jo became the new CEO of LG Electronics, and the entire enterprise system was strengthened. Home appliances and TV industry with world-class competitiveness, business transactions between the market (B2B) has also been formed. However, it is a pity that the troubled smartphone sector has not been able to reduce the deficit continuously.

LG Electronics outlook is still more positive next year, with sales expected to exceed 64 trillion won, operating profit will exceed 3 trillion won, to achieve the best performance in history.

Credit Suisse Securities researcher Li Yuen said "LG Electronics will rely on high-end home appliances, OLED TVs and other products in the home appliance market to enhance the competitiveness of the brand, auto parts division will also achieve sustainable development, the industry will also LG Electronics value Reassess.