Office Glass Partition Wall Style

1, stained glass and aluminum alloy with the glass partition to the noble style of the texture, but also fully use the transparency of stained glass to collect light, create different environment and atmosphere, stained glass partition most expression of taste, soft elegance, accurate important materials.

2, frosted glass in aluminum alloy collocation, has a very strong stealth, a kind of vague aesthetic feeling, natural show its own various properties. can also be used in transparent glass, stained glass, three amine plate to match each other. More interior aesthetic.

3, transparent glass is often combined with louver, also known as Louver partition. Can be manually adjust the indoor lighting and indoor confidentiality and openness. Most commonly used in the aisle, finance, managers, sensible office, more stylish, beautiful.

Glass partition decoration Selection high compartment, aluminum alloy is mainly anodized aluminum, carbon black alumina and other colors, durable, moisture-proof, waterproof, sound insulation, anti-corrosion and other characteristics; The most popular is non-polluting, reusable, low-carbon environmental protection, modern office decoration is the ideal choice.