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My Favorite Five New Features In Apple IOS12 System

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In the long list of 100 new features found in Apple iOS 12, I selected five of my favorite new features. Xiao Bian thinks that the following five new features are indeed very practical. What do you think?


iOS 12 is the first iOS update I used on older devices, resulting in significant speed improvements. On my iPhone 6s, which was previously affected by the lagging animation and stalling of iOS 11, I immediately noticed a decrease in performance after upgrading to iOS 12 beta. Apple has done a lot of work on iOS 12's performance optimization. This is the right approach. This update has brought about a significant increase in the speed of the old equipment.

2. Group notification

iOS has always lagged behind Android in handling multiple notifications from the same application, but in iOS 12, Apple can finally be notified by grouping. Group notifications eliminate the need for you to manage and group message notifications for the same application. iOS 12 organizes notifications by grouping them together into easily expandable and collapsible lists, and manages individual and grouped items.

3. Trackpad mode for non-3D touch devices

One of my favorite iOS features is the ability to convert the keyboard to a trackpad for precise manipulation of the on-screen cursor for text entry or editing. So far, this feature is unique to iPad users or iPhone users with 3D Touch devices. With iOS 12, trackpad functionality allows more devices to be used, including non-3D Touch devices such as the iPhone SE. To use the touchpad on a non-3D touch device, simply press the space bar until the keyboard is converted to a trackpad. Just move your thumb to precisely position the cursor or highlight the text.

4. Swipe up to force the iPhone X to close the application

In iOS 12, iPhone X does not need to press the application background switch card for a long time to force the application to close. Now only a simple swipe gesture is needed, just like all other iOS devices.

5. SMS verification code is automatically filled

Services such as various social software and various financial institutions use SMS verification codes to authenticate logins. iOS 12 reduces the actions associated with using these SMS verification codes by displaying the verification code as an auto-fill option in the QuickType interface. Although this feature Android phone has long been, it is the first time on iOS. If you often manually enter the verification code yourself, this new feature is really useful.

We thinks that the above five functions provide iPhone users with a better overall experience. iPhone users on older iOS devices will particularly enjoy the speed boost and touchpad mode features, and all users will benefit from group notifications and auto-filling of security code. What is your favorite new iOS 12 feature? Post your thoughts and opinions in the comments below.