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Just Bought 2 Days Of The IPhone 8 Exploded ,she Scoop Up The Water Without Thinking

Used only 2 days, Xiao Min'iPhone 8 burst!

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Today morning, Xiao Chi wake up, stumbled to the bathroom, see the kitchen in the smoke. She went over and saw that it was charging the iPhone 8 to burn up.

"smoke is great, there is no open fire did not pay attention to see. "Xiao Min said, the phone also issued something crackling crackling.

There is water in the kitchen. She did not think, and quickly scooped some of the water, poured on the phone. She forgot to pull the charger, but the switch off the socket.

"poured water, smoke but more and more, more and more concentrated. "Xiao Min frightened, ran back to the room, hiding in the door to listen to movement. Can not hear the sound before coming out, then there are smoke on the phone, the taste of the kitchen is very unpleasant.

Xiaomin looked at the phone, thought anyway has been broken, went to sleep.

7 o'clock this morning, small Min got up to see "killed" and the iPhone 8: positive and negative have been broken, the whole phone is bent, the side opened a big hole.

Immediately to work, no phone how to do? Xiaomin want to take out the phone card, but can not get out.

"go with it!" she wanted to open, the original mobile phone to find out, but also Apple's. Even after wifi, she gave Apple 8 took a "death" and sent a circle of friends, and then went to work.

"This should be the first burst of Jiaxing?" Xiao Min said in a circle of friends.

Xiaomin in Jiaxing city securities company to work. She said that the iPhone 8 is the father in the new shares after the gift to her. Mobile phone is the father during the National Day from Anhui Ma'anshan home dealer that bought, silver, 64G version, the official price of 5888 yuan.

October 6 just activated, October 7 Xiaomin get the hand. October 8 at around 10:30 pm, the end of the holiday play small sensitive home, 11 o'clock sleep before the phone plug in the charge, did not expect a few hours after the accident.

"A total of only 2 days!" Xiao Min said this sentence, in the WeChat made a string of "cover their face" ralph lauren pas cher,

Open this morning, Xiao Min to re-do a mobile phone card. Then, she has been with Apple's official customer service contact.

"Let me take all the photos to him, and then decide who is the responsibility." If it is my responsibility to no matter, if not, then pay a new. "Xiao Min said, she felt that Apple customer service light through the photo to be a bit hasty.

This afternoon, Xiaomin has made two photos to the customer service, ready to work after a few more shot in the past. Xiao Min said, Apple customer service that work hours 4 hours will give her reply, there is no yet.

Xiao Min said that her request is very simple, her cell phone repair or change a new one.

News more attention

A few days ago, we have reported that "iPhone 8 mainland first burst: the new machine side of the screen split, did not charge over electricity"

The following content according to surging news:

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iPhone 8 Plus the first burst in the Mainland. Mr. Liu told reporters on October 5, Liu, who lives in Guangzhou, told reporters that he purchased from the Jingdong Mall iPhone 8 Plus, opened the package and found the machine burst, the screen was bounced, but no signs of burning.

Mr. Liu introduced, the evening of October 3, he from the Jingdong Mall under a single 64GB gold version of the iPhone 8 Plus; October 4 afternoon, Jingdong courier put iPhone 8 Plus to his hands.

"I opened the package to find this cell phone burst, Sim card at the screen was bounced off. With the previous online iPhone 8 Plus burst similar situation. "Mr. Liu said.

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iPhone 8 Plus the first burst in the Mainland. Liu said Mr. Liu said that this phone he has applied for return in Jingdong, Jingdong staff has taken this phone away, and because Jingdong is done to return processing, they said that the specific reasons for this phone I have nothing to do.

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Mr. Liu's iPhone 8 Plus back figure Mr. Liu is also iPhone users before, in the purchase of iPhone 8 Plus before the online attention to the iPhone 8 Plus burst news, but did not expect their own "award" and "rdquo ;.

Moreover, this time Mr. Liu received a new phone is burst, and did not charge and other operations.

September 22, Apple iPhone 8 officially opened in the global context. According to Taiwan's newspaper, September 28 reported that China's Taiwanese consumers to just start a 3-day iPhone 8 Plus charge, the phone shell suddenly burst.

Previously, there are Japanese friends to push special, in the purchase of a new iPhone 8 Plus, just opened the package to find the screen fragmentation, suspected due to battery expansion caused.

Recently, the market research firm IHS analyst Li Huabin said, iPhone 8 Plus burst should be the battery bulging, not explosion. Li Huibin said that the smart phone battery safety standard is three millionths of a million.

In accordance with this standard, iPhone 8 Plus shipments of millions of units, then, several of the accident rate within the security range. But if the proportion of battery packs too high, Apple may have to take measures to replace the battery supplier.

So far, Apple has not disclosed the reasons for the iPhone 8P burst.

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