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IPhoneX Maybe Stop Producing For The High Price

Recent media reports and Wall Street analysts reports that Apple's pricing of up to $ 1,000 has created a huge hurdle in sales of the iPhone X. Sales have fallen into a downturn and Taiwanese suppliers are ready to stop production in February.

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Apple's earnings report shows that as long as the price is reasonable, consumers are still willing to buy Apple mobile phones. Perhaps to change the downturn caused by the iPhone X, according to foreign media latest news, the United States is preparing to launch mobile phone operators only sell for $ 300 iPhone 6S phone.

According to Taiwanese media reports, Apple's iPhone X sales in the first quarter of the original 50 million, but later reduced to 30 million. Shockingly, Guo Mingyi, an analyst at Taiwan's leading KGI Securities that has always sung to Apple, said recently that iPhone X sold only 18 million units in the first quarter, worse than the second quarter.

Earlier analyst reports also pointed out that in the European and American markets, iPhone X suffered a downturn in sales. Although there was a long waiting period for delivery in early November, it proved to be a serious shortage of Foxconn production, not exceeding the market demand, exceeding expectations.

There have been a number of Wall Street analysts pointing out that iPhone X sales are less than expected and that there will not be a so-called 2017 Super Upgrade cycle.

AT & T, one of the nation's two largest mobile telecom giants, is preparing to launch the cheaper Apple phone, the 32GB flash-only iPhone 6S, for just $ 300, according to technology-media firm BGR, which offers installment plans to consumers each Pay 45 dollars a month. In addition, consumers can buy larger screen iPhone 6S Plus phones for over $ 100.

On the official Apple Web site, consumers can still buy the old cell phone, priced at 450 US dollars, in other words, operators offer 150 US dollars discount.

This preferential product, part of AT & T's prepaid service. It is reported that prepaid services are mainly for low-income consumers, communications costs are more affordable, providing high cost of mobile phones.

It is worth mentioning that many Chinese smart phone companies have gained some market share in the United States. For example, ZTE gained 10% share. Chinese companies primarily sell low-end and mid-range mobile phones to prepaid subscribers in the United States at a price of two to three hundred Dollar or so.

It has been reported that AT & T provided pre-paid users with low-cost Apple phones, such as the 192-inch iPhone SE for a four-inch phone and the $ 245 purchase of the older iPhone 6. But in terms of performance, the $ 300 iPhone 6S undoubtedly performed better.

Apple is in a dilemma in the sales and pricing of handsets. Apple launched the iPhone X mobile phone last year, face recognition, augmented reality and other functions (whether the consumer recognition is inconclusive), due to increased cost of parts, Apple introduced a $ 1000 pricing, which is the highest in the history of Apple's mobile phone Pricing.

But as some industry experts predict, high prices are hurting iPhone X sales. In fact, in China, Japan, India and other Asia Pacific markets, the actual retail price of iPhone X is close to 1,300 U.S. dollars, which is equivalent to two or three months' salary.

But on the other hand, last year, Apple cut prices on a number of old phones, resulting in higher sales of older phones instead. The statistics of a large number of market institutions show that after the price cut of $ 100, the iPhone 7 series sold more than the iPhone 8 Two phones. The hot sales of the old cell phones, resulting in the third quarter of last year, Apple did not enter the downturn in the quagmire.

In the US smart phone market, mobile operators have undoubted mastery. Once the handset manufacturers sell new products, operators will boost sales volume and develop communication users through various measures.

In early January, T-Mobile, the third-largest mobile operator in the United States, announced that it will launch a one-for-one purchase of several iPhone models such as the iPhone X, equivalent to 50% off.

It should be noted that in the 2017 iPhone 8 two phones, Apple still took a minor repairs update mode, launched a practical wireless charging, the design and the past three or four years consistent, but the price goes up 50 dollars.

As the iPhone 8 upgrade content, price increases, coupled with the iPhone 7 price of 100 US dollars, apparently, iPhone 7 price to attract consumers to buy.

In 2018, Apple will launch three new mobile phones, will completely abandon the design that has been used for many years, and all adopt the design of last year's Liu Haiping. Last year, however, Liu Haiping was criticized by many consumers and developers for interrupting the user interface. Whether or not Apple will make changes and optimizations this year remains to be seen.