IPhone6 3d Screen Tempered Film How To Remove

The first step: to our Love machine old film removed, because some iPhone6 3d full screen tempered film is only corner crack loss, the overall laminating is relatively close, so to the old film or more troublesome. With a sharp object, the mobile phone a corners of the toughened film, with a knife, everyone according to the choice of tools at hand, the process of prying attention upward force, do not scratch love machine.

The second step: then use the same method to the other three corners of the 3d full screen of the film to pry, the time to pry a little upward use some force, so that the four side of the tempered film will pull up some;

Full-screen hot-bend tempered film

Step three: Four Corners are pried up, grasp the lower part of a corner force upward pull, and then the entire IPhone6 3d all-screen tempering film will start to loose, and constantly pull up four corners, until the tempering film removed, the removal of the old film task completed, so that the tempering film is taken down.

Above is the iphone63d full screen tempering technology, hope to everyone has help, unique brand mobile phone toughened film can be removed in the same way. Finally, it is best to find a cleaner and cleaner place for mobile phone, and make sure the screen is clean.