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IPhone X Tempered Glass Screen Protector Comparison

Good day!

Thanks for reading first. Today we will show you a test of iPhone X tempered glass screen protector. 

We have randomly pick a tempered glass screen protector in Guangzhou market( same price leave with us). 

Let's star the test:

  1. We use the aluminum bar to test. As phone screen is easy to break from the edge. 

    This 6D iphone X tempered glass screen protector broken after we hit few seconds. iphone x anti-breakage test 2.JPG

iphone x anti-breakage test 5.JPG

iphone x anti-breakage test.JPG

And below is the result of vanco screen protector:

iphone x anti-breakage test 3.JPG

iphone x anti-breakage test 6.JPG

Actually the first 6D screen protector also can anti breakage of walnut. 

But the produce process has few part to missed:

  1. edge reinforcement

  2. tempered time:

    our screen protector tempered time is above 4hours. So after broken, the stripe is slim. 

    broken test.png

  3. some material missed. 

If you want to know more, please contact us:)

Thanks for reading again, have a nice weekend~