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IPhone X Gold New Color Exposure Apple's New Patent Implies New Design

In the fourth quarter of last year, Apple sold 29 million iPhones, which was undoubtedly a good result with a high price starting at $1,000. However, the market's response to the iPhoneX has not continued. In the past, the "super sales cycle", Apple will use some means to stimulate iPhoneX sales, one of which is - change color.

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The latest exposure photos show that iPhoneX's "Tyrant Gold" color scheme has been designed, or will be put into production soon. Unlike previous rumors of "bronze," this golden hue is similar to the previous series, but because the back of the iPhone X is glass, it looks like it has a crystal clear texture and is still very beautiful.

At the same time, there is a more interesting news is: Apple recently applied for a patent, describes a flexible screen design, or will be applied to the 2019 iPhone (temporarily known as iPhone12).

The latest patent, patent number 20180052540, was filed last week and describes a side-frame flexible screen design called "forcesensor" that enables some operations such as volume control and vibration feedback.

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In fact, Apple's development of the flexible screen iPhone is not new news. As early as the end of last year, Apple contacted LG and hoped to jointly develop a dedicated flexible screen for the iPhone. Perhaps, in 2019, the iPhone 12 will use an extendable flexible screen with side-by-side physical buttons, which is very similar to the idea of a previous iPhone.

According to Apple's "slow work" style, this year's product is only a small upgrade of the iPhoneX, and the design will not change much; and 2019 is expected to be a major upgrade year, perhaps we will see even more cool Flexible screen iPhone12.