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IPhone X First Batch Of Exposure ,user Simply Can Not Get It Because Of Low Quanity

Xinhua News Agency reported on the 15th, according to Zhengzhou Customs said, 14 Zhengzhou Customs supervision of the first batch of 46,500 Apple (Apple) iPhoneX has been shipped from the Xinzheng Comprehensive Bonded Zone, respectively, from Xinzheng International Airport and Shanghai Pudong International Airport to the Netherlands and the United Arab Emirates.

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Apple has always reported that the relevant information with high accuracy of the Japanese science and technology blog Macotakara 15 days, assuming that the Xinhua News Agency reported that 46,500 iPhoneX is the supply of the Dutch market, then, from the past regional quota, iPhoneX first global shipments The amount of about 840,000 estimates, including the United States and Canada, about 530,000, about 210,000 in Europe, Asia, about 100,000 (of which the Japanese quota of about 14,000 or so).

Macotakara pointed out that even after the iPhoneX will continue to ship, but as of October 27 announced on the pre-order so far, the backlog of inventory also reached the first batch of five times the level of shipments. As of October 27 so far, iPhoneX global shipments in fear of the following 4.2 million, of which Japan's domestic inventory of less than 70,000.

iPhoneX shipping new progress. Land media reports, the first batch of 46,500 iPhoneX from Zhengzhou Xinzheng comprehensive protection zone delivery. Honghai Foxconn Zhengzhou WeChat public information display, career group reward reward new workers, members of the industry to enjoy the production season incentive bonus.

Time to enter the Honghai Group production season, located in Zhengzhou, Henan Province, China's business group actively resorted to bonus subsidies to recruit new workers, staff level more enjoy the season production incentive bonus.

According to Foxconn Zhengzhou Science and Technology Park to recruit micro-public information, Zhengzhou Science and Technology Park continued to recruit staff, which stressed that as long as the entry iPEBG business group, you can enjoy RMB 600 yuan subsidy, but also issued a season bonus. iPEBG comprehensive bonded area June to November staff level, there are high season production incentive bonus.

WeChat public information also shows that if the entry into the iDPBG business group of new employees, can avoid 90 days accommodation, reward 200 yuan of transport subsidies, also issued a season bonus. iDPBG Zhengzhou plant in July to November staff level, there are high season production incentive bonus.

Analysts estimate that Hon Hai in the iPhoneX at least 90% to 95% of the proportion of orders, in addition to Hon Hai is expected to obtain 5.5-inch LCD version of iPhone8Plus most of the assembly orders.

In the production base, the company speculated that Hon Hai assembled iPhoneX and iPhone8Plus main production base, including China Shenzhen Longhua factory area and Henan Zhengzhou factory and so on.

Looking ahead in the fourth quarter, Apple iPhoneX is expected to sell on November 3, with iPhone8 and 8Plus shipments to climb up, corporate estimates Hon Hai to the end of this year the performance of the opportunity to climb month by month, Hon Hai fourth quarter performance is expected to 3 quarter growth of more than 30%, single-season performance can be more than NT $ 1.4 trillion, but the results need to observe the fourth quarter iPhoneX shipping situation.

Kayi assessment analyst Guo Ming recently reported that iPhoneX replacement demand is expected to continue until the second quarter of next year, due to supply chain restrictions, may be to the first half of next year to supply and demand balance is expected next year iPhoneX is expected to ship 80 million to 90 million.

According to Huachuang Electronics from the Apple industry chain verification, as of now, iPhoneX has expanded to 35 production lines, the output of about 25 million units, 3Dsensing module supply is normal, still in full swing, is expected to expand to 50 at the end of 50 ~ 60 production lines, by the end of November expanded to nearly 100 production lines. Huachuang that the expansion of progress beyond market expectations, the current Apple industry chain is still in the industry up cycle.

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