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IPhone X: Face Recognition Instead Of Fingerprint Recognition, Is It Necessary?

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Speaking of iphone X recently, a friend asked me:

Is it necessary to change the fingerprint recognition to adult face recognition?

I think about finishing it, personally think: If you look at the way to unlock only, it is not necessary. However, this issue also needs to be considered from more perspectives.

First of all, from the overall screen, the front screen means to remove the pre-fingerprint identification. This problem is also small and big. Because Android phones can choose post-fingerprint recognition. But for Apple, it's a big problem because:

1. Pre-fingerprinting is easier to use than back-fingerprints (you don't need to change your hand's posture when you unlock it, your phone is on the table, and you don't have to pick it up)

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2: Apple's pursuit of the product's own interaction logic and ID aesthetics. So Apple chose to kill the home while using the face id and a whole new set of interactions.

Specifically, from lifting the mobile phone's bright screen to unlocking, this set of unlocked interactive coherence experiences are excellent. It can reduce the user's one-step operation in product optimization, and it is an operation that unlocks such high frequencies. Good technology is to make people feel the existence of technology. I think this is also the day before Xiaomi mix2 was released on Apple. It also highlights the reasons why facial recognition is unlocked.

In fact, Apple did not only unlock, but also included a whole set of interactions to remove the home button. However, after the Android camp has done a full screen, the three keys still use virtual keys, and there is more chin on the screen. There is no better interaction design. 

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Secondly, back to the face id, 2D recognition of multiple sensors + 3D recognition + night use, to ensure that he than the fingerprint identification to ensure a very high security + scene comprehensive.

If it were just these things, it didn't seem to be particularly necessary, but what surprised and surprised was that Apple used this convenience to solve the self-timer and background blur. For those who like self-timer, I personally feel that it has solved a pain point.

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In addition, many media interpretations, the use of machine learning face id, Apple's formal response to artificial intelligence, there will be more possibilities for expansion.

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Now, from a comprehensive point of view, Apple uses “bangs” to achieve more convenient and safe interaction, better self-timer, and a smaller screen to put down a larger screen (this needs to emphasize that the size of the iphone 8P/7P phone is relatively large, grip Holding the hand is not good, so to keep the big screen while reducing the size of the body still brings a good user experience, but the iphone x is too thick and the grip is not very good. Apple should gradually improve the product behind it. ).

This is not just a change in the way of unlocking. For Apple, face ID is a manifestation of Apple's multiple user experience enhancements or game results.

So, I think it is necessary for Apple.