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IPhone Will Use Full Active LCD Screen Next Year, JDI Push Low-cost OLED Panel

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With the advent of the iPhone X, Apple has finally LCD screen replacement, launched its own OLED screen phone. However, despite the OLED screen may represent the iPhone's future screen selection, Apple does not seem to be so fast to completely over this new screen.

According to "The Wall Street Journal" reported that Apple does not seem to launch in 2018 full OLED screen of the new phone, but to the olive branch to Japan Display's Full Active LCD screen. Allegedly, this Full Active LCD screen than OLED screen low cost, performance can be compared with the OLED screen.

This new screen also makes it easier for Apple to develop a narrower phone frame, because the Full Active panel plasticity, the narrowest only 0.5mm wide frame, half of the OLED screen. Full Active LCD screen for the first time applied to the smart phone, is in millet Mix 2, so iPhone is not the first to use this screen phone. Do not know the iPhone with a new screen, whether it will return to the LCD screen. It is possible that the Full Active LCD screen is only a temporary option, just to make the iPhone product line go smoothly to the OLED screen.

It is not clear iPhone X's next-generation mobile phone will still use OLED screen, at this stage to see what kind of screen is possible.

Apple this year released iPhone X smartphone, once again detonated the industry in the OLED screen chase. Today, informed sources told Reuters that Japan JDI's JOLED is raising up to $ 900 million in money to use the new technology to produce OLED display panels.

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In addition to JDI, the major display screen manufacturers are in the field of OLED force. At present, Apple iPhone X OLED display orders are a Samsung sweep, and even Korean counterparts LG can only look away. JDI's new production line is said to significantly reduce the cost of producing OLED displays, which will be an important means for JDI to squeeze into the Apple OLED screen supply chain for extremely price-conscious Apple.

Some people know that JOLED if the use of new production lines to produce OLED screen, then the price of its production OLED screen is expected to reduce 30% to 40%. And the production line in the future, and may even be used to produce large-scale OLED panels for television. In the new panel, it is also expected to completely remove the current OLED screen is essential to the color filter.

At present, JDI holds 15% stake in JOLED, Japan's other two technology giants Sony and Panasonic are holding JOLED 5% stake. With this news, JDI shares soared more than 24% on the day, making the company's current market capitalization of $ 1.5 billion.

Japan's display company shares plunged 24% in early trading Wednesday, after the Nikkei News reported that the company has developed a mass production of low-cost organic light-emitting diode (OLED) screen method, and plans to begin the first 2019 production.

The report said the Japanese display company has begun with Sony and Canon and other potential investors to contact to raise 100 billion yen (about 888 million US dollars) for mass production OLED panel.

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