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Iphone 9 Is About To Be Released. Can This Kidney Finally Be Saved?

With the rise of major domestic mobile phone brands, Apple's sales in the Chinese market have declined in recent years, but it still holds the top position and is the best-selling mobile phone in the world. When iphone8 was released last year, it was too conservative in appearance design, and was squandered by many fans. Liu Haiping of iphoneX was also ugly. Recently, the news about the release of iphone9 on the Internet has been raging, so in the end, can iphone 9 be amazing to everyone? Finished some of the latest news about iphone 9, let's take a look at it.

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It is understood that the appearance of this iphone 9 will use 6.1-inch high-definition full-screen, in the design of the fuselage is still the classic model before the use of the glass body and the middle frame metal combination, this time Apple will launch more than five The color scheme allows the young people to have more choices. In addition, before the online transmission of iphone 9 will appear a very serious chin screen, I believe Apple will also use advanced technology to make up for this regret. There is news that the reason for this iphone 9 panel, so the COP packaging technology can not be used, but the width of the chin will still be controlled within 0.2mm, which is also worthy of praise.

On the camera side, there is news that the iphone 9 may use a rear-mounted single camera. This may be a bit disappointing for fans, but the industry news is only speculation, and everything is officially released. In terms of volume, iphone 9 is much larger than the previous iphone 8, but the front full screen looks more broad.

In terms of configuration, it has always been the focus of many users. This time, the iPhone 9 will be equipped with the Apple A12 processor, and the memory will also increase to the minimum 3G running memory. It can be said that there is still a large degree of performance. Upgrade.

In terms of battery life, Apple's battery has always been a headache for users. It is said that this iPhone 9 will upgrade the battery to 2900 mAh, and it comes with dual card dual standby function. Is this to meet the needs of the Chinese market?

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In terms of people's most concerned prices, Apple's prices have always been high, and every new consumer has nicknamed "selling kidneys." It is reported that the price of iphone 9 will be 600-700 US dollars, basically the same as the price of iphone 8. However,we believes that Apple's brand premium ability has begun to decline gradually, because the quality and performance of domestic mobile phones will not be far worse than Apple. Although it is not as good as Apple, the gap is gradually narrowing, and consumers are starting to have more. More choices.

The concept of consumption of young people today is more and more rational, and the price/performance ratio is a very important reason for their purchase. Apple's mobile phone has a very high rate of protection. For Apple's loyal fans, the price will not be too big a problem. But for most consumers, if the price is too high, many people will still choose domestic brands. Therefore, if the price of iphone 9 can be more reasonable, it is best, after all, the kidney can be saved.