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IDC: Tablet PC Sales Fell For 12 Consecutive Quarters

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According to foreign media reports, last quarter's situation is very representative: smart phone sales growth, tablet sales decline. In the past three years, the tablet market has shrunk every quarter. In the third quarter of 2017, global tablet sales dropped 5.4% YoY, down from 42.3 million units in the same period last year to 40 million units. The only bright spot is that the decline in this quarter is not as high as two digits in 2016.

The data come from market research firm IDC. It includes tablets and detachable tablets (including tablets and keyboards) in the statistics. The top three tablet makers still keep their respective positions unchanged: Apple first, Samsung second, Amazon third. The top five tablet suppliers accounted for 66.7% of the market, up from 57.2% last year.

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Apple's iPad sales have shown two consecutive quarters of growth (which has been the 13 consecutive quarter of decline), so its market share increased by 3.9 percentage points. IDC explained that Apple has succeeded in reversing the situation due to the launch of the lower priced iPad, though it faces competition from various PC computers and mobile device vendors.

In the third quarter of 2017, Samsung's Tablet PC sales fell YoY, reducing its market share by 0.4 percentage point. In this quarter, the detachable tablet accounted for less than 10% of the company's tablet sales, making it more reliant on the cheaper Tab A and E series. This is a problem in the long run. In the second quarter and the third quarter, the South Korean company was steadily losing its market share to its American competitors, contrary to the situation with smartphones.

In the third quarter of 2017, Amazon's tablet sales increased by 1.3 million units, increasing its market share by 3.4 percentage points. It has worked hard to promote the strategy of low-cost tablets, but no one knows how long this strategy can work. In its Prime Day Sale promotion, a 7-inch tablet costs less than $ 30. This may play a key role.

In the third quarter of 2017, sales of both tablet PCs from Huawei and Lenovo increased. They sold 3 million units this quarter, tied for fourth place.

Since the fourth quarter, the development trend of the tablet PC remains the same. Tablet PC replacement cycle closer to the traditional PC, not a smart phone. Few people buy tablets for the first time, and they're only interested in cheap tablets.

"People prefer lower-priced tablets, and even those who buy high-end tablets like Apple's, they tend to choose cheaper." Jitesh Ubrani, research analyst at IDC, Said in a statement, "However, many low-cost tablet buyers are primarily newcomers, with fewer and fewer people buying for the first time, and the number of tablet users will grow further in the coming years Falling. "

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