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Huawei Finally Made It. 1024G+8G+ Was The First In The World And Apple Lost.

As we all know, as the domestic mobile phone giant Huawei, in the field of mobile phones has been pressed by Apple Samsung, although the growth momentum is strong, but after more than three years of hard work, the world's third hat has been unable to take off until last year Huawei mate10 The shock debut, relying on Huawei's own Kirin 970 artificial intelligence processor, the most advanced double 4.5G online technology (transition plan before the advent of the 5G era), Huawei's own core technology for the first time attracted the attention of the whole world, people Also saw the rise of national brands hope.

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While we are happy, we can't deny the fact that the Huawei Unicorn 970 artificial intelligence processor has better performance than Samsung's Orion Exynos 8895 processor at the same time, but it has a certain degree of performance compared to Apple's A11 processor. Gap, especially on graphics processing GPUs, although Huawei's mate10's 210,000+ running scores are basically the same as those of Apple's iPhone X, but Huawei must continue its efforts to surpass Apple on processors. It is because of the processor that the new flagship P20 series equipped with a 970 processor is hard to break into the top market of the 6000+, because here Apple and Samsung have occupied for more than a decade. When will Huawei's hard work for so many years? Realize it?

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Recently, the news from the Huawei unicorn processor foundry TSMC has been inspiring. Huawei's heaviest Kirin 980 artificial intelligence processor this year, the yield rate is as high as 95%, and it has begun mass production. The device adopts the most advanced 7-nanometer process technology and has an eight-core plus a super AI core architecture. The level of artificial intelligence is more than doubled. There are also major surprises in the GPU graphics core. Compared with the previous generation 970 processor, the overall performance More than doubled, specific to the data is to run points from 120,000 + directly to 240,000 +, compared to the latest Snapdragon 845 processor, is also the level of rolling, even if compared to Apple's latest A12 processor Due to the new AI core blessing, the overall performance will be better, and the scores for comprehensive running will be higher. In the core processor of the mobile phone, Apple lost. With its own efforts, Huawei has finally done it and defeated Apple to reach the global level. The first height is really gratifying.

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The 980 processor will definitely be used on Huawei's flagship new machine, the mate20 series, this year. Compared to the previous generation Huawei mate10, the comprehensive running score was 210,000+, plus the processor upgrade of 120,000+, then this generation of Huawei mate20's final running score will be as high as 340,000+. In addition to the processor, Huawei is said to be Mate20 also has a major breakthrough in the design, commercial fan will no longer be strong, screen share will increase to more than 95%, 6-inch 4K ultra-clear screen, no less than the super clear TV screen effect.