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Huawei AI Chip Plans Expose, Why Are Domestic Companies Keen On This Area ?

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Recently, Huawei's AI chip plans to be exposed, named Da Vinci plan, marking Huawei's efforts in artificial intelligence. While the mobile phone chip continues to make progress, it is actively deploying artificial intelligence. It is normal for giants such as Huawei, and Nvidia’s opponents are more and more.

In the past two years, with the artificial intelligence station to the vent, the AI-related are more hot, like face recognition, speech recognition, smart audio, driverless and so on. In these areas, the heat of the AI chip is also high, like the Cambrian technology, which is the most famous in the AI chip in China, and it is frequently screened in the public eye. The reason is very simple. In the field of chips such as traditional computer chips, we are far behind, and it is not good to be controlled by people.

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What is an AI chip? Popularly speaking, AI chips are mainly used to run AI programs. The AI chip can greatly accelerate the deep learning algorithm in artificial intelligence, and the acceleration of dozens of times is normal. In this regard, the AI chip has a great effect on the development of artificial intelligence, which is also the entry of domestic and foreign giants. The main reason for the field. As one of the most promising industries in the future, artificial intelligence is extremely promising in terms of future and money.

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Domestic, Cambrian technology, this unicorn is the leader in the AI chip. On July 4 this year, Baidu’s AI developer conference released the “Kunlun” AI chip, which also showed that Baidu’s AI chip made a major breakthrough in unmanned power. According to the released news, Kunlun’s computing speed The world's leading. And Internet giant Ali also released his own AI chip in April, but the relevant information has not been announced. This time, Huawei's entry has fully demonstrated the importance that domestic technology giants attach to AI chips, and domestic AI chip competition will become more intense.

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Artificial intelligence is still in the stage of technology research and development reserve, and it will take a long time to fully enter commercial operation. The gap between this country and abroad can be said to be not too big. If we are actively planning the layout, it is very normal to occupy a place in this area in the future. In the late-developing countries like China, in the traditional industries, such as the past computer chips and other aspects of technology accumulation, there is certainly no way to surpass those of the old developed countries, rather than following in the old field, it is better to complete the catch-up in a new field. Like the 2G in the communication field in the past, we don't have much control of 3G technology, but in terms of 4G and 5G, our technology has already caught up. This is one of the reasons why the US is jealous of ZTE.

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In the artificial intelligence section, more giants are considering entering, such as the UAV in the field of drones, and are actively preparing to lay out artificial intelligence. In fact, I believe that companies that have ideas for the future have to participate in the development of artificial intelligence. With the addition of giants, it will inevitably bring in a large amount of funds, and related technologies will be greatly developed.