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How Much Do You Know About Car Paint Care?

    With the increase in car ownership, there are more and more lacquer beauty treatments on the market. Whether you are driving a million-dollar car or a shopping cart of a hundred thousand, waxing, sealing glaze, coating and plating, you have more or less contact with the four lacquer beauty projects. What do these four seemingly blunt professional terms mean and what do they use? As a car, how do you choose? Let the car godsmith tell you below!

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  1. waxing

    There are two main types of waxes on the market: one is synthetic wax (manufacturing of artificial chemicals, which is just a petroleum product); the other is palm wax (from natural palm trees). Waxing first prevents sewage and acid rain. Due to the protective effect of car wax on the paint surface, the adhesion of the car body to water droplets is reduced, the effect is very obvious, can reach 50%~90%; it can also prevent the paint surface from being exposed to the sun under the scorching sun, causing the paint surface to fade or explode. paint. The visuals are also brighter and brighter, making your car look even more glamorous.

    The advantage of waxing is that the car wax is cheaper. It can be easily purchased on a treasure and is easy to build. You can get started easily by viewing the tutorials and explaining the videos. Maybe the effect is better than the brother of the car wash shop. And can exercise. Car wax is just a layer of adsorption and adhesion to the paint surface. When you don't want wax, it can be easily washed off with water. It does not substantially bond to the painted surface and does not damage the painted surface. The disadvantages are also obvious. The durability of waxing is not strong. After almost two or three heavy rains, the wax was basically washed away.

  2.  Glaze

The glaze consists mainly of a filler called a "glaze" glaze. Through the high-speed vibration and friction of soft wool or sponge, the glaze molecules penetrate into the paint surface of the car through the special permeability and adhesion of the glaze. Go in. It is used to make up for the inevitable small scratches in the daily use of the car, to fill the scratches and to make the paint surface smooth. When the light hits the surface of the paint, the mirror principle will make the original car brighter because the original small gap is already filled.

The advantage of a sealed glaze is that it can grind and repair small scratches that are inevitable in everyday use, such as claw marks and flying sandstone marks. The downside is that the price is more expensive than waxing and cannot be done separately. It was just a few rains instead of waxing. In particular, the main function of the glaze is to grind and repair small scratches on the surface of the paint. Do not use new glazes for new cars.

3. the coating

The single coating is an upgraded version of the glaze. The material of the coating is a sealed body, and the sealing body is an artificial material. There are two kinds of resins and acrylics, and the brightness of acrylic is better and definitely more expensive. Acrylic can be made so small that it is smaller than the pores on the surface of the paint. Seals easily enter the paint gap, fill and seal to form a protective film for your car.

The advantage of the layer is that the durability is much better than waxing and sealing glaze, which can reach 6 months or even higher. The effect of protecting the surface of the paint is also very good, and the sewage is difficult to adhere. However, the disadvantage is that it is expensive and due to the penetration of the seal, the seal has adhered to the surface of the coating and is not easily removed.

Prepare by :Lucy Ye