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How Is The Performance Of Xiaomi 7? Let's Learn More About It

Everyone knows that Xiaomi 7 has been postponed for the time being. As for what reason is not yet clear, it has been learned from other netizens that it may be because of mass production of fingerprints under the screen and that he has to publish it first. In any case, the toughness of Xiaomi 7 is indisputable. Let's take a look at the configuration data of netizens exposure.

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Millet 7 should adopt the same dual flagship strategy as Apple. There are two versions of the big screen and the small screen. The small screen version may be equipped with a 5.8-inch full screen, while the large screen uses a 6.2-inch top screen. All use 18:9 screen ratios. Will use Samsung's production screen, as well as a full screen.

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On the processor, will use Qualcomm's latest Xiaolong 845 chip, then Millet 7 will not become the first domestic manufacturer of Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chip, the performance of the 845 chip should reach 2.8GHz . It is about 30% stronger than Xiaolong 835. It also increases the level 2 and level 3 caches. Running points should be around 250,000. It follows that Xiaomi 7's performance will be among the top series.

In terms of operation, the side uses an oversized running memory, 6GB and 8GB, and two large running memories. With such a large amount of memory, playing games and starting large applications should not be cards. It will be very smooth. Body memory is 64GB and 128GB. Many games and apps can be downloaded.

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According to foreign media reports, Millet 7 will use wireless charging technology. It is understood that wireless charging module has been produced. Everybody should be clear that wireless charging is more cattle, and now the average mobile phone is not yet. Your current technology will not be completely replaced, and it will not be completely replaced.

Photographing According to reports, the most advanced dual camera combination will be used, and it is not known how much stronger than Xiaomi 6 is. Millet 7 also added an infrared camera sensor to create the user's facial image. Millet Seven should be able to use the front 16 megapixel single camera + rear 16 megapixel dual camera combination imaging effect is also very amazing. Will it be another explosive model by then?

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Of course, we are most concerned about the price, the small-screen version of about 2699 yuan, the large-screen version may reach 3,000 or so, is a very good phone, let us look forward to its release,