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From IPhone4 To IPhoneX: This Material Gives Apple A Decade's Lead

The history of the mobile phone is only 44 years. The popularity of the smart phone is only in the recent ten years. The change of the material of the mobile phone shell is very remarkable. From the beginning of the plastic development to the new generation of material represented by the metallic glass, Such as ceramics, mashups and other styles are even more bright spots.

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For Apple's cell phones, iPhone sold more than 1.2 billion worldwide in 10 years, earning more than $ 240 billion from Apple worldwide. The iPhone to the world's change is not just the phone itself, from the hit iPhone 4 to today's iPhone X, ten years will be plastic, glass, metal are used over and over, and in so many materials Among them, if Apple is the most paranoid favorite of what kind of material, I think it must be glass and metal.

Because both the iPhone 4 eight years ago and the iPhone 8 / X eight years later have adopted the metal and glass body. Apple's love of metal and glass can really be described as paranoid.

Today, we review the case material of the iPhone for 10 years and analyze the performance of different case materials in terms of performance parameters.

Glass - a generation of classic

Representative models: iPhone 4

Release Date: June 8, 2010

Mobile Keywords: iOS system, retina screen, facetime video phone

Material Key words: tempered glass, stainless steel frame, antenna cut off injection molding

If the time back ten years, called the "God phone" first generation iPhone officially on sale. If the iPhone redefines the phone, the iPhone 4 redefines the iPhone. iPhone 4 is Apple's most successful in the history of a mobile phone, mobile phone is also a milestone in the history of a product.

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Used by this mobile phone partners know that this phone recalls a heavy feeling, stainless steel frame, double-sided glass, at the time can be described as a perfect definition of a cell phone. At the time, the apples were paranoid for stainless steel and glass, while the stainless steel was strong, while the glass had an impact on the hand and was fragile. The two will be no sense of integration and non-sense, but also for the stainless steel does not affect the signal, Apple also created an antenna cut off injection.

Just ten years, the mobile phone industry has undergone many changes, and when we look at the growing homogenization of mobile phones now, almost monotonous shape, will be remembered when the iPhone4 gave me the amazing, it will be the first time using glass material will suffer Praise, I believe in many minds, iPhone 4 is still the most perfect cell phone now, it represents the pinnacle of that period of industry, no one can surpass this classic.

The first sapphire - with the fire fingerprint recognition

Representative models: iPhone 5 / 5s

Posted on September 13, 2012 / September 10, 2013

Mobile Keywords: 4.0 inch screen / Touch ID fingerprinting

Material Key words: anodized aluminum alloy shell, Incell screen, sapphire lens / "local tyrant gold", sapphire fingerprint recognition cover

The success of the iPhone4 and iPhone 4s has completely put Apple on the pinnacle of the industry and laid the leading position in the mobile phone industry. It is precisely for this reason that consumers' expectation of the iPhone 5 / 5s is further magnified. Though iPhone 5 was disappointed by the friends who stayed up late at night watching the conference, iPhone 5 was also the iPhone that revolutionized technology innovation in the history of Apple.

Starting with the iPhone 5, all-metal smartphones are beginning to take on the historic stage. The phone features anodized aluminum, which visually and acuarily makes a big difference from the previous generation iPhone 4S.

However, the back cover of the black iPhone 5 can easily cause the color to fall off during use. This problem can be solved only when the iPhone 5S is used. The white back shell is the basic color. Some non-ferrous metals are dipped into the metal of the back shell. , Gray is the true nature of the metal, will no longer appear to paint the problem.

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iPhone 5 back up and down two glass-ceramic join very refreshing, but the biggest bright spot is the piece of sapphire lens, excellent wear resistance and light transmittance so that iPhone 5 camera capabilities greatly improved.

In 2013, sapphire has a new application in this generation of iPhone, iPhone 5s Home key design introduced fingerprint recognition, and sapphire as a cover, to avoid Home button is worn and scratched and affect the fingerprint recognition usage of.

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In this generation of iPhone, Apple also reinterpret people to the phone in addition to black and white can also have more "exaggerated" color, iPhone 5s brought a deep space gray, silver and gold, the golden one by the Chinese consumers Known as the "local tyrant gold", set off a wave of industry, but also in China sales increased significantly.

From the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s these two phones, innovative sapphire design, fingerprint recognition, local gold and other designs to everyone left a deep impression, although compared with the iPhone 4, these two phones did not in the later market Causing a huge sensation, more people may not lack innovation for the lack of Steve Jobs Unfortunately, but from the phone shell process difficulty and cost is quite high, while no other manufacturers have more than Apple The appeal of

7000 Series Aluminum Protection - Solve "Curved Door"

Representative models: iPhone 6s / iPhone 7

Released: September 10, 2015 / September 8, 2016

Mobile Keywords: 3D Touch, A9 processor, iOS9 system / cancel 3.5mm headphone jack, not push type Home button, support IP67 waterproof

Material Key words: Ion-X glass, 7000 series aluminum, bright black

In 2014, the growth of the Android camp has finally let the heyday of Apple finally sit still, from that year's iPhone, Apple finally followed the big screen camp. iPhone 6 not only upgraded to 4.7 inches, iPhone 6 Plus goes one step further, reaching an unprecedented 5.5 inches. Materials, the best selling iPhone 6 with 6000 series aluminum alloy, but the tragedy is that 6000 series aluminum alloy is not strong enough, so, "Bending door" took place.

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To the iPhone 6s series, 7000 series aluminum replaced the 6000 series aluminum, in addition to the name of the upgrade, of course, the hardness has also been upgraded. 7000 Series aluminum alloy hardness than ordinary aluminum 60% higher than the same time, the density of stainless steel to one-third, that is lighter and harder, and want to bend it is almost impossible.

In 2016 the body of the iPhone 7 is still 7000 series aluminum alloy, but Apple uses a new technology, for the first time using a special compound for the bright black shell rotating 3D grinding, so as to remove flaws, so seamless body material to achieve convergence, Showing a brighter surface effect.

Strengthen the mirror glass - return to the beginning, define the future

best glass iphone protector 6.jpg

Representative models: iPhone 8 / X

Posted: September 13, 2017

Mobile Keywords: Wireless Charging, Fast Charging / Full Screen, Face ID, AR

Material Key words: double-sided glass design, aviation aluminum frame, double 2.5D glass, stainless steel

The iPhone 8 and iPhone X, launched in September last year, have once again returned to the 4-generation glass backplane design. Many people call it a return to the beginning. This style of design has proven to be one of the most beautiful designs, but it is also glass, compared to 2011 Years, Apple has some more play, the first is the aluminum alloy with double-sided 2.5D, and stainless steel is still re-enabled, with glass screen + mirror effect, even more beautiful.

Of course, Apple also considered the problem of glass intolerance, so they said in the new iPhone with the most rugged glass panels so far, and the thickness of the reinforced layer increased by 50%, be regarded as a reassurance. In addition, the iPhone X's glass panel also has a grease-resistant coating that can be easily wiped with fingerprints and stains.

The iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X full return to the glass material, but also make a lot of praise in the industry, Apple as the earliest mobile phone manufacturers to play glass, return to the beginning of the glass material as if people back to Steve Jobs era.